Focus on postpartum risk protection during pregnancy, and the exclusive million medical insurance for pregnant mothers comes

Women often face the decline in physiological capabilities during pregnancy, and the risk of health is higher than ordinary people. Especially as the fertility policy is fully liberalized, the elderly pregnant women have increased, and the risk of complications in women during pregnancy also increases accordingly.

Who will protect women’s postpartum health during pregnancy?Recently, Ping An Health Insurance and Ant Insurance launched a million medical insurance exclusively for pregnant mothers -pregnant mothers and medical insurance (upgraded version) to specialize in 24 severe pregnancy complications during pregnancy and provide up to 1 million yuan in hospitalization.Both the medical insurance directory can be paid inside and outside.

According to the relevant studies published by the China Pharmaceutical Herald, taking pregnant mothers aged 30-35 as an example, the incidence of gestational diabetes is 6.38%, the incidence of premature breakthroughs of the fetal membrane is 7.47%, the incidence of pre-placenta is 2.06%, and the amniotic fluid is too small.The incidence is 2.24%.

On the other hand, looking at maternal and infant insurance products in the market, the scope of protection is mostly concentrated in risk guarantees such as accidents, deaths, dystocia, abortion, etc., and insufficient hospitalization such as pregnancy and postpartum complications of pregnant mothers.

Ping An Health Insurance and the Internet exclusive pregnant mothers and medical insurance (upgraded version) launched by Ant Insurance, covering the gestational diabetes, premature placenta, uterine rupture, amniotic fluid embolism, excessive eceolitaria, and severe pregnancy.Pregnancy complications such as anemia, deep -focusing the risk guarantee of postpartum mothers during pregnancy.From the perspective of security responsibilities, the part with a self -payment of more than 10,000 yuan, unlimited social security directory, medical expenses in hospital within the responsibility can be paid, and the maximum payment amount can be paid by 1 million yuan.

This product is an exclusive to the Internet. In Alipay, "pregnant mothers insurance", the insurance age is a single or double child who is naturally conceived at 20-45 years old. Within 24 weeks of pregnancy (including 24 weeks), it can be insured.In addition to benefiting from the group of pregnant mothers, the insurance price is also more favorable. Taking the 20 -year -old pregnant mother who meets the insurance conditions as an example, the minimum premium is only 1 yuan per day, and the cost performance guarantees the risk of pregnancy and postpartum.

As a pioneer of millions of medical insurance, Ping An Health Insurance launched Ping An E Shengbang Insurance in 2016 and officially opened the prelude to millions of medical insurance.Medical insurance enters the "long -term professional" route.

The pregnant mother insurance · medical insurance (upgraded version) created this time is a million medical insurance exclusively for Ping An Health Insurance Focusing Mother Group. Starting from the actual needs of pregnant mothers, the product also provides two major health services -health managementAdvisor and project housekeeper service, comprehensively cover the protection of pregnancy and postpartum risks, and truly realize the full -chain of full -chain services.

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