Florida’s "chopped crab" can only eat crab tongs, and only go to jail to eat, $ 140 in 4 crab claws

Have you heard that eating a crab is going to sit on the bottom?This exists in the United States, and there are clear laws and regulations.This precious crab is Florida stone crab, also known as "chopped crab".

This crab lives near the Atlantic Coastline in Florida, USA. It is also common in the Gulf of Mexico. Below the stone in the shallow water area is the main living area of Florida crabs.

As early as 1890, there was a record of selling stone crabs in the United States. At that time, the number of stone crabs was huge, but few fishermen were willing to catch, because the stone crab’s body was small, less meat, and the shell was hard.pliers.For this reason, the fishermen at that time only sold the caught crab caught in half sale, and even some fishermen would release them back to the sea as soon as they caught the stone crabs.Few fishermen are specially caught in stone crabs, and there are very few people eating stone crabs.

Over time, everyone found that the two large pliers of Florida stone crabs were particularly tight and delicious. They slowly had market demand, and then a industrial chain specializing in selling stone crab pliers was derived.The fishermen took off the pliers of the stone crab and threw away the body of the stone crab directly, and the industry chain became more and more developed. Over time, the stone crab was in short supply.

As the so -called thing is rare and expensive, when the supply of stone crabs is in short supply, the price of stone crab pliers has begun to grow doubled. It can be sold for $ 140 in four large pliers, which is about 900 yuan.Driven by such a high market price, many fishermen began to cultivate stone crabs artificially, but due to their unique living habits and high requirements for water quality, the breeding results ended in failure.

The high price of stone crab pliers has attracted the attention of the US government. The US government realized that if it is not protected by stone crabs, Florida crab is likely to extinct under the drive of interests.Soon, Florida stone crabs were officially listed as national protected animals and were written into the bill.Many fishermen began to protest. The local government also realized that if the fishing crab is completely banned, it will greatly affect the benefits of fishermen, so they take a discount.They stipulate that they cannot eat stone crabs, but they can pick their pliers and sell them, and the size of the pliers must be within the size specified by the bill.

After learning about this, the fishermen began to re -salvage stone crabs and pick the pliers of stone crabs, and the stone crab’s body threw it back to the sea again.Moreover, the fishermen followed the provisions of the bill. They only picked more than seven centimeters of crab tongs, and they would not move less than seven centimeters, because it means that the stone crab has not grown completely.

According to the reason, the supply of stone crab pliers should be reduced, but the actual situation is that the price of stone crab pliers is still rising. For this reason, someone interviewed fishermen.Fishermen said that there are three main reasons for high prices.

First, the work of picking pliers is more dangerous and complicated.Because the pliers of the stone crabs are large and hard, it is easy to be sandwiched when it is taken, causing injuries and even losing fingers.And when picking up, the measurement must be performed first to see if the length reaches 7 cm. This also delays a certain time and consumes a lot of manpower.

Secondly, taking pliers is a technical work. I have to do an experienced person to operate. Otherwise, it is likely to damage the joints of stone crabs, which will greatly raise the mortality rate of stone crabs.

The third is because the stone crab is to be preserved. Only by doing freshness can ensure the delicious meat of the stone crab pliers, and the cost of freshness is also high.Coupled with the need to drive a boat to fish, the cost of refueling and the hired crew must be counted in the cost of fishing.The above factors are determined together that the price of stone crab pliers can only be high or low.

Many people will be curious that stone crabs have no pliers. Even if they throw their bodies back to the sea, can they not live?In fact, this is not the case.In the nature, when the stone crabs are in danger, they will also escape from the self -broken pliers, throwing a car with a car with a broken tail like a gecko.And its pliers will grow again after the end of the molting, and each time the shell is molted, the pliers of the stone crab will grow larger than before.

This is why fishermen in the United States throw the stone crab back to the sea, and pay attention to the protection of stone crab joints when picking pliers.As long as it is properly handled when picking pliers, it won’t be long before the stone crabs will be provided to humans. To this end, stone crabs also have the title of "leek in the sea", which cut one after another.

This is not the case, because the pliers of stone crabs are the main tools they use to build nests, find food and eat.The stone crabs without pliers can only find some ready -made foods on the bottom of the sea, such as dead fish and shellfish, but in most cases, they can’t find them.To this end, the mortality rate of stone crabs with pliers is as high as 89%.

Therefore, the harm to stones is quite harmful to stones.But this does not mean that pliers are the only cause of the death of Florida crab.According to survey data, Florida crabs also have a 12%mortality rate without being picked.

Everyone is responsible for protecting animals.When human beings meet their own needs, they must also pay attention to the protection of other species to maintain the diversity of biology and the balance of the ecological environment in nature. What do you think?

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