Five years of marriage, 4 years of pregnancy, 4 repeated inflow checks, the cause of the reasons for investigation

"In order to give birth to a child smoothly, I have seen a doctor everywhere, and there are no reasons for the hospitals in several big cities." Ms. Wang said that the medical experience in recent years was about to collapse.She has been married for 5 years and has been pregnant 4 times, but naturally has a natural miscarriage in about two months of pregnancy.what on earth is it?

30 -year -old ladies have a natural abortion of 4 times

Ms. Wang is 30 years old and has been married for 5 years.After marriage, she was pregnant 4 times, but she had a natural miscarriage about two months of pregnancy each time.This caused her to collapse very much.

Ms. Wang said that her first pregnancy 4 years ago was a very happy thing, but she did not expect that she had a natural miscarriage in two months of pregnancy. She thought she accidentally caused it.After pregnancy again the next year, she paid more attention to it, but it was aborted in about 50 days.I went to the hospital for examination and found that the embryo stopped developing and then aborted naturally.

In this way, Ms. Wang was pregnant twice, and she had a natural abortion in about two months each time.

Ms. Wang said painfully: "In order to be able to give birth to a child smoothly, in recent years, I have seen a doctor everywhere, and the large hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai have been visited. I have done a lot of inspections, but I can’t find out why."

According to the familiar person, she came to the clinic of Director Xue Hua, the gynecological department of the Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Director Xue Hua carefully checked Ms. Wang’s various inspection materials and learned about her basic situation. She told Ms. Wang: "Repeated natural abortion can be treated with symptomatic treatment. But if the reason is not found, it is suspected that it may be possible.Caused by immune problems or thrombosis. "

Director Xue Hua said that if it is caused by immune factors, immunosuppressive agents can be started from pregnancy, but this solution needs to be very cautious, because immunosuppressants can easily cause fetal malformations, and generally do not easily try this method."If the patient insists on using it, he needs to sign an agreement in advance." Director Xue Hua emphasized.For abortion caused by thrombosis, thrombolysis is required.In response to the situation of Ms. Wang, Director Xue Hua recommended her to use traditional Chinese medicine with progesterone.

Many reasons can cause women to abortion repeatedly

Director Xue Hua told reporters that the phenomenon of natural miscarriage in two consecutive pregnancy can be called repeated natural abortion, which is a category of infertility.In recent years, the incidence of natural miscarriage of women has become higher and higher. In the clinic, I can encounter several patients who come to the clinic because of repeated natural miscarriage.

So, what is the reason for women’s repeated abortion?Director Xue Hua said that the main reasons are mainly the following.

Uterine factors: The internal environment and the overall environment of the uterus in the uterus may affect the embryo. If the endometrium is too thin and too thick, it will affect the embryo bed; endocrine factorDiabetes, etc. can affect the development of molten, placenta, and fetus, which leads to abortion; genetic factors: mainly because the number of chromosomal and abnormal structure is abnormal. About half of the natural miscarriage is this situation.Atrophy; environmental factors: contact with the outside world toxic substances, such as lead, organic mercury, DDT, radiation, etc.; Anatomical factors: genital malformations or tumors, such as twin -ends, uterine mediastinals, uterine fibroids, cervical inner mouth relaxation, etc.; Infection factors:Various microbial infections of the reproductive tract, such as toxoplasma, rubella virus, and giant cytomegal virus infection; immune factors: closure antibody deficiency, blood type dislocation, anti -cardin and phospholipid antibody positive, anti -sperm antibody positive, etc.Common factor; maternal systemic diseases: especially acute infectious diseases, lack of various nutrients, such as folic acid deficiency.

When encountering repeated abortion, you must find out the cause to treat symptomatic treatment

Director Xue Hua said that there are many reasons for repeated natural abortion. First of all, the cause must be found to treat symptomatic symptomatic treatment.Infertility examination items include chromosomal examination, B -ultrasound or hysteroscopic examination, endocrine examination, cervical mucus examination, immunology examination, coagulation function test, and men’s semen examination.

More than half of the patients can find the cause of repeated natural abortion after the above inspection. It is clear that the reason can be treated and dealt with accordingly.If there are abnormalities in chromosomes and genes of husband and wife, you can choose healthy fertilized eggs into the mother’s uterus through the third -generation IVF technology; for the natural miscarriage caused by reproductive tract malformations or tumor causesYou can improve the luteal function through drug correction; if it is a virus infection, it should be distinguished or permanent antibody produced after infection or the previous infection.Should actively treat the internal medicine diseases. After the condition is stable, the internal medicine physician and the obstetrician will decide whether to be pregnant; the cervical incompleteness has no clinical symptoms during non -pregnancy.Discovery abnormalities is to perform gap in the cervical cervix; the self -immune type repeated natural miscarriage can be treated with immunosuppressive methods.

"Except for the above reasons, some patients cannot find the exact cause after various testing. At this time, the method of traditional Chinese medicine can only be used. Dialectical treatment of Chinese medicine hasInspeal that is irreplaceable, "Director Xue Hua said.

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