Five types of fruits that women cannot miss during pregnancy are all effective for children and pregnant women

For pregnant women.What is the preferred fruit? The nutrition of pregnant mothers affects the body’s development of mothers and children.In this special era, fruits are good supplements.What fruits are good for pregnant women?The following six are fruits specially selected for pregnant women.How can expectant mothers miss?

1. Champion: Apple.Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, tannic acid and fine fiber of glyphosate.Many expectant mothers are afraid of gaining weight.Drinking more apples can prevent too obese.It is also helpful for children’s development.Apple also has a adjustment effect on gastric function.If you can eat it together.Regardless of constipation or diarrhea, it has changed.Mother who is suffering for constipation may wish to try more.

2. runner -up: Cherry.In all fruits.Cherry iron is the most abundant.It is almost twenty times that of apples, oranges, and pears.And it also contains carotene (4 to 5 times more than grapes, apples, oranges), vitamin B1, B2, C, and citric acid, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients.Eating more can nourish blood and help intestinal function.

3. Grace: Grape.Iron, phosphorus, calcium, organic acid, lecithin, carotene and vitamin B1, C, etc.Pregnant women have less blood, low blood pressure, poor circulation, and cold hands and feet in winter.Eating more grapes can help improve.What’s more special is.If pregnant women have bleeding.Grapes are also available.And it can help the fetus develop.

4. Grapefruit.About natural folic acid.Folic acid is not only useful for early pregnancy.The same period of pregnancy is equally not less.During pregnancy, the child’s physical tissue grows rapidly.Pregnant women must have a lot of folic acid to satisfy their children.

5. Orange.There are many types of citrus.About sweet orange, south orange, nuclear orange, pomelo, etc.They all have a common advantage of their babies.Its juice contains citric acid, amino acids, carbohydrates, fat, and multiple vitamins.

Nutritional ingredients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, and iron.It is the food that expectant mothers love to eat.but.Citrus is delicious.Don’t eat more.Because orange is warm and sweet.Buyang Yiqi.Excessive but not replenishing the human body.It is easy to cause hot and hot.Stomatitis, periodontitis, pharyngitis, etc. occur.

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