Fetal development at six weeks of pregnancy

What are the symptoms of six weeks of pregnancy and 6 weeks of pregnancy?The following editors will introduce the changes in six weeks of pregnancy.

Symptoms of six weeks of pregnancy: If you have not had an early pregnancy examination, it is time to go to the hospital.Your pregnancy response begins to be obvious. The chest feels painful, the breasts are increasing and softened, and the nodules are prominent. You will often fatigue, sleepy, and frequent urination.It feels disgusting, you will vomit at any time all day.It is best not to travel now, and excessive exercise may cause abortion.

Fetal development at six weeks of pregnancy: His/her heart began to beat regularly, but you can’t feel it yet.The length of the embryo is 0.6 cm, like a small pine seeds, the primary kidneys and hearts have formed, and the nerve tube has begun to connect the brain and spinal cord.The young buds on the top and below of the embryo are the children’s arms and legs in the future.The basic organs of the face have begun to form, and the nostrils can be clearly seen, and the prototype of the eyes is already available.

Examination you have to do at 6 weeks of pregnancy: chromosome examination ultrasonic examination

6 weeks of pregnancy health care

Early pregnancy diet taboos: Avoiding anti -nutrient intake is essential for the health of mothers and fetal baby.As long as the expectant mothers do not pay attention and pay attention, anti -nutrients will take advantage of it. To understand the way they enter your body, you can minimize their infringement of you.The first is refined food. After being eaten by such foods, the nutrients it consumes more than the nutrients it itself provides the body.Followed by artificial chemical products, modern industry uses a large amount of additives into human food chains, and people are easily seduced by their delicious taste.Furthermore, fried foods have confirmed that foods cooked at high temperature will produce a substance that promote cancer -acrylamide.Finally, there are drugs. The side effects of many medicines should not be underestimated. The antibiotics can eliminate the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, prevent the effect of vitamins in the body, and flatten the road to harmful bacteria.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 participates in the decomposition metabolism of sugar in the form of coenzymes. It has the function of protecting the nervous system. It can also promote gastrointestinal motility and increase appetite.The main symptoms of vitamin B1 include loss of appetite, muscle weakness, weakness and abnormalities of limbs, susceptible to swelling, decreased blood pressure and decreased body temperature.

Early pregnancy disease

Breakfine abortion: If there is a small amount of blood bleeding in the vagina, or the next time, it is constantly dripping.occur.

Pregnancy of prenatal education in early pregnancy

Pregnant woman exercise: Pregnant women must communicate with the doctor before exercise to see if they are suitable for exercise, what exercise and exercise time.It is best to do some low -intensity aerobic exercise before exercise. Be careful not to be too tired.If pregnant women have problems such as vaginal bleeding or sudden pain, they must stop exercising immediately. It is best to go to the hospital for examination.

6 weeks of pregnancy diet

The selected foods should be easy to digest and absorb, and can reduce vomiting, such as grilled bread, porridge and nutritional porridge.Dried food can reduce nausea and vomiting, and porridge can add water due to nausea and vomiting.Eat more walnuts and sea fish to help the fetal nervous system develop.

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