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For couples who are preparing for pregnancy, early pregnancy must be good news.Therefore, after each ovulation period is in the same room, how long the aunt is delayed and can accurately test the pregnancy!

How long does it take to react in success?

Under normal circumstances, on the 6th to 7th day after fertilization, the bubbles will go to the uterus to bed, and after the bed is completed, it means that the embryo can begin to develop.

Because I did n’t feel after the “bid”, most people wanted to confirm whether they were pregnant, and they would go online to search for the symptoms of pregnancy to compare themselves.Let me tell you today, how do you know if you are pregnant.

1. Basic body temperature measurement

Test the base temperature every day, and then write down the temperature. Generally speaking, the body temperature is 36.2-36.5 degrees when ovulation is not ovulated.

If you are not pregnant, your body temperature will be reduced to about 36.5 degrees. If the body temperature continues to be as high as 20 days, it may be pregnant!You can test for two or three months in a row so you know your ovulation day.The method is simple, but it is a bit too troublesome.

2.B super check

If the menstrual rules are discontinued for about 35 days, the pregnancy sac can be seen.About 6 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal buds are beating.

B -ultrasound diagnosis of early pregnancy is a reliable method.On the type B ultrasonic screen, there is a circular aura in the uterus, also known as the pregnancy ring, and the dark region in the ring is amniotic fluid. It can also be seen that the rhythmic fetal heart beats.

3. Blood HCG test

About 7 days after fertilization, you can go to the hospital for a blood HCG examination. You can determine whether you are pregnant through the level of pellacular hormone hormone levels in the body.

This test can be diagnosed with whether to get pregnant early.When the fertilized eggs are planted into the uterus, a new hormone is produced in the body of the pregnant woman, called the choric membrane promoting gonadotropin. Its role is conducive to maintaining pregnancy.In the hospital, you can choose to do the blood HCG examination to determine whether to successfully conceive.

4. HCG detection kit (colloid gold method)

HCG testing is relatively accurate. At 1 to 2.5 weeks of pregnancy, the level of HCG in urine can rise rapidly; 35-40 days after pregnancy, HCG can reach 2500U/L or more;10,000-200,000 U/L.

It can also be conveniently detected whether you are pregnant. Now when the epidemic is liberalized, home testing is the safest. Parents who are preparing for pregnancy can store more HCG detection kits to facilitate detection at any time ~


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