Female friends understand these five leucorrhea situations, and can grasp their own health status

Female reproductive organs are located in the abdominal cavity and cannot be visible to the naked eye, but they send out abnormal signals.Observing our sub -leucorrhea carefully to get some information about genitals from changes in advance.Leucorrhea is a mixture of vaginal, cervix and endometrium secretions. The quantity and quality are also affected by estrogen, which may reflect the health of the uterus, vagina and endocrine.

Normal lower leucorrhea should be milky white or clear colorless, egg white -shaped, slippery, slightly fishy or tasteless.During pregnancy, the increase in leucorrhea is related to changes in estrogen and progesterone levels in the body, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.The color, quality, quantity and odor under white belt usually indicates the development of specific diseases.

Today I classified the following five leucorrhea for female friends to check whether you are healthy?

The first: leucorrhea is yellow foam

The leucorrhea is yellow, gray -yellow or yellow -green, mixed with beige bubbles, smelly, a large number.Frequent wet underwear and cause vaginal and vulvar itching and burning sensation. This leucorrhea is more common in trichomonas vaginitis and bacterial vaginitis, and sometimes see in endometritis or foreign body vagina.

The second: leucorrhea is tofu -shaped

The leucorrhea is a milky blood block, tofu -like residue, with a large amount.The vulva may have a layer of white film that is difficult to wipe away, and the vulva has itching and burning sensation.This vaginal secretion is common in fungal vaginitis.

The third type: blood color leucorrhea

Variable leucorrhea, different blood volume, bleeding may increase in the same room and defecation.This leucorrhea is common in benign or malignant tumors, as well as cervical polyps, cervical tuberculosis, cervicitis, endometritis, elderly vaginitis and ring -shaped bleeding.

Fourth type: soup leucorrhea

The leucorrhea looks like yellow water or meat washing water, but it looks like a continuous rice soup with a bad smell.This leucorrhea is common in cervical cancer, uterine body cancer, and fallopian tube cancer, and is common in submucosal fibroids and infected cervical polyps.

Fifth type: pus leucorrhea

Yellow or green pus, it is thick and odorous, like a snot, may be accompanied by abdominal pain.This leucorrhea is more common in uterine endometritis, acute pelvic inflammatory disease, senile vaginitis, cervical tuberculosis, subclastic fibrosis, uterine prolapse, vaginal foreign bodies, and sometimes chronic cervicitis.

In addition, leucorrhea is not normal.If the leucorrhea of childcare age is reduced to the failure to meet the physiological needs, and the vulva is not timely, it will cause ovarian dysfunction.After menopause, women often feel that the vulva is dry and has no vaginal secretions. This is a sign of ovarian atrophy that causes estrogen deficiency and significantly reduced sexual hormone secretion.

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