Feed the sea from seagulls to eat screws, too no humanity

The man suspected that he was holding a box of screws to feed the seagull.Photo/Social Media Platform Screenshot

Recently, a wide range of videos circulating on the Internet have made many netizens resentful.According to the China Business Daily, in the online video, the two men suspected that they were holding a box of screws to feed the seagulls, and even plugged the screws into the bread to feed the seagulls.Under the reminder of multiple people, the two still do my best. This kind of behavior of intentionally hurt seagulls is extremely bad.

Coincidentally, not long ago, there was a video that caused public opinion.The video shows that in Weihai, Shandong, several men took turns to use slingshots to beat seagulls by the seaside. Netizens have expressed condemnation. The local police also publicly responded that once verified, the parties would be punished.

At the seaside, seagulls are the most common and well -known birds. They are accustomed to living with humans. Facing people’s feeding less alert, this also gives many "bad -hearted eyes" people who can take it by.machine.Some people feed bread, and some people feed all kinds of foods such as potato chips, fried potatoes and spicy strips, which not only pollute seawater, but also directly hurt seagulls.But in comparison, the harsh behavior of feeding screws to seagulls is undoubtedly breaking through the bottom line.

Seagulls are "three protective animals" and are also clearly within the national protection list.Seagulls have important ecology, scientific, and social values. The implementation of illegal hunting and harmful behaviors such as glory and music, taking pictures, breeding, and eating, all of which have been illegal.

Therefore, if the two of them feed the screws, if they have found substantial harm to seagulls, they will be punished by administrative penalties; if the circumstances are serious, they may also face criminal punishment.

In fact, even if the seagull is not specially protected, this behavior of murdering life needs to be severely condemned and stopped in time.

Any feeding behavior not only exists not only the negative effects such as increasing the load of marine pollution and changing the natural habits of wild animals, but also the possibility of spreading diseases to human beings.It is not allowed to feed birds such as seagulls at will. It should become common sense and routine, and live in harmony with wild animals such as seagulls. It is best to keep a distance and watch the beauty.

The incidents of improper feeding and harm also reminded that although the protection of wild animals and maintaining the natural ecology has become our social consensus, it still needs to strengthen the public’s legal awareness and establish a more systematic and perfect supervision and execution system to ensure that including including includingWild animals, including seagulls, no longer suffer from malicious injuries for no reason.

Writing / Hesheng (media person)

Edit / He Rui

School Division / Zhai Yongjun

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