February 4th is Lichun. The old tradition must bite spring. These 3 kinds of ingredients are ready to welcomes the blessing.

February 4th is Lichun. The old tradition must bite spring. These three kinds of ingredients are ready to welcomes the blessing.

The Spring Festival has been over, and the Lantern Festival after the Lantern Festival is marked that this Spring Festival is officially completed. People will return to work again to work. As early as the sixth day, some people went to work.

The 14th of the first month, that is, the new calendar on February 4th, will usher in the first solar term in 24 solar terms.As the saying goes, the year of the year lies in spring, and it will be up to Lichun immediately. It is recommended that these 3 ingredients are ready to welcomes the spring.Which 3 types are it?Let’s take a look together.

The first spring dish

Of course, the Spring Festival is indispensable. The spring vegetables here refer to leek.

After the Spring Festival, everything in the world began to recover, the weather began to recover, various plants in rural areas began to recover, and vegetables began to grow.

Among all our vegetables, the earlier growth of leeks is the earliest. It can withstand low temperatures of about 5 degrees. As long as the spring breeze blows, the temperature is warmed, and the leek quickly starts to grow last year.You can cut it to eat.

Leeks are a kind of vegetable we often eat, and it is also a vegetable that most people like to eat, and its nutrition is rich, and the planting is relatively simple and casual. You can eat leeks without any need to manage it. It can be said that it is a kind of lazyHuman vegetables.

Leeks were earlier. After the spring, the leeks grew up and poured a leeks for scrambled eggs, not to mention how delicious it was.

The second, spring cake

Eating spring cakes in Lichun is a traditional custom of folk. It is recorded in the "Four Shi Treasure Mirror" in the Song Dynasty "Guangji" in the Song Dynasty.Eat radish a day, and spring cakes, wild vegetables.

Spring cakes are pancakes made of flour. They can be baked or steamed. They include some spring seasonal vegetables, fresh and refreshing, people eat spring rolls, and they also have the meaning of looking forward to agriculture.

Cakes are often eaten in the north. Southerners like to eat rice. When spring comes, we pick freshly grown vegetables and burn various cakes with flour to eat to welcome the arrival of spring.

Third, radish

In the Ming Dynasty, Liu Ruoyu, a historian of eunuchs, recorded in the "Advanced Technical College", "In the beginning of the spring, there is no expensive chewing radish to bite spring." In the spring season, regardless of the rich and the poor, everyone will eat radish.

Radish is a common vegetable. Whether it is a southerner or a northerner, you like to eat it. Radish is also a wide planting vegetable in rural areas.At the same time, radish is also very easy to plant, and the output is high.Radish nutrition is also very rich.

During the Chinese New Year, the big fish and big meat were too greasy, and some fuel -consuming radish can also appetite, which helps meals, and has a good appetite.

There is a saying in rural areas called eating cabbage and radish to keep safe.It can be seen that the importance of radish in people’s lives.

Eating some radishes during the beginning of spring can help the gastrointestinal digestion and remove spring dryness.By Spring Day, you may wish to eat a little radish, which is also the old tradition that has been circulating for a long time.

After Lichun arrives, the weather will start to warmer. At this time, everything recovers, whether it is living, diet, or exercise and replenishment. We must pay attention to it.Okay, these are to resign to welcoming the spring and pray for a peace.

Friends, the Spring Festival is coming soon. Are you ready to welcome spring?

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