Faye Wong: insisting on giving birth to a daughter of a rabbit lip, accused of stolen identity, Wang Sicong broke the news inside the concert

When Faye Wong was pregnant, she knew that the fetus was not normal, but she knew that the reporter would take the child’s defect for hype. Why should she insist on giving birth?

When the doctor told Faye Wong and Li Yapeng that when their children were born with inherent defects, Li Yapeng suddenly felt that he had been punched by him. The whole person was stunned and panicked, and his mood was very complicated.

Li Yapeng talks about her daughter

In contrast, Faye Wong, her reaction is completely the opposite of her father.Not only did they perform very normal and calm, it was as if they had not heard the doctor’s words.

In fact, it is not no wonder that Faye Wong will be so calm, because people do not think that the child’s defect is a problem at all, so naturally she will not care too much about the doctor’s words.

Faye Wong talks about daughter

The other party said that it was nothing more than asking them to make a choice, either give up their children, or stay.Faye Wong has chosen to stay, so there is no need to say anything.But Li Yapeng didn’t know his wife’s thoughts.

He thought about it for a long time, and saw that Faye Wong had no response. After a long time, he couldn’t help asking the sentence: "What do you think?"

Li Yapeng Memories

Faye Wong heard only two words: "What do you mean? Don’t you want it?"

Li Yapeng naturally said in the words of words, so after saying: "Okay, understand", he stopped thinking about everything that may happen in the future, and happily greeted Li Yan’s arrival with Faye Wong.

Li Yapeng Memories

In fact, many people do not understand why Faye Wong must be so persistent that they have to leave this defective child in the belly.For this question, Faye Wong’s answer has only one sentence: "My belief does not allow me to do this."

Because in her opinion, every life will have more or less regrets, either physically or psychological, and all kinds of.Since it is destined, we must learn to accept it calmly.

Faye Wong answered

Therefore, Faye Wong does not think that a person’s body has a shortage of regrets. It is not a big deal. After all, there is a saying that there is also an imperfect life.So the couple did not regret leaving Li Yan.

However, for Faye Wong and Li Yapeng, the birth of children who choose to welcome congenital lip and palate are just the beginning.Because the outside world’s speculation on Li Yan’s appearance and the overwhelming ridicule are the most difficult problems they need to face.

Li Yan

Fortunately, Faye Wong and Li Yapeng did not choose to escape. They would not deliberately avoid Li Yan’s disability, nor did they emphasize how she was different from other children.With her good mentality, Faye Wong let Li Yan get rid of a life that should have inferior and melancholy.

So there are any children with bad educational education. Everything is artificial.

Faye Wong and Li Yan

How much can Li Yan spend money?

At a young age, I spent 100,000 shopping for 2 hours with my girlfriends. They are all famous brands all over and down. The photos of the party are the shadows of the high society. There are all red wine foods. As the daughter of Faye Wong and Li Yapeng, how nourishes her life?

Li Yan

Li Yan has attracted much attention since its birth. No, as soon as the news of others studying abroad came out, netizens have found the school she studied.

The school is a well -known aristocratic school in Switzerland. It was established in 1910 and is one of the most expensive private schools in the world.

Li Yan

The application fee alone requires 20,000 yuan, the school uniform is worth 42,800 yuan, and the tuition fee is also amazing. It takes 107,000 Swiss francs, which is equivalent to RMB 770,000.

And this does not include accommodation costs, catering fees, etc., rough calculations, it is difficult to support a student without a million yuan a year.What’s more, this school faces only 250 students in the face of more than 60 countries around the world a year.

Li Yan

Therefore, students who can generally enter the school are usually not rich or expensive. Most of them are members of the European royal family and the descendants of the royal family.

And Li Yan can enter this high -demanding international school, not only requires strong financial resources, but also has no relationship with her powerful background.But having said that, as a baby daughter of the super heavenly queen, Li Yan did get 100 % loved by her parents since she was a child.

Li Yan

Faye Wong does not hesitate to spend money on her daughter, and basically satisfy her, so we can often see that although Li Yan is young, he has countless luxury goods.

For example, when she ate afternoon tea with her good girlfriends earlier, the most noticeable thing was not her perfectly inherited mother Faye Wong’s long legs, but she was resting on a seemingly inconspicuous bag on the table.

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Because this small bag comes from Hermes, it takes about 20,000 yuan.Of course, this is just the most "unusual" thing in Li Yan’s wardrobe.

After all, people step on 7,500 yuan GUCCI sneakers, and they have to live in a small princess who live in 6,000 yuan a night!In addition, as Faye Wong’s beloved daughter, Nicholas Tse even loves Li Yan’s house and Wu.

Li Yan and the younger sisters

It is said that he even gave a set of luxury homes worth 50 million Hong Kong dollars, and gave Li Yan as a birthday gift, making her jump into a rich woman with millions of netizens.Unfortunately, because of money, Li Yan also recruited a lot of criticism for herself.

For example, it was rumored on the Internet earlier that she and her girlfriend had a group to go shopping. In just two hours, she splurked 100,000 at the age of 12.You know, although 100,000 does not listen to a lot, it is also an ordinary worker’s one -year income.

Li Yan

Li Yan spent less than half a day, which was really surprising.

But this news was quickly rumored by Li Yan. She specifically claimed that she was "Li 100,000" and said, "There was a news that I had spent 100,000 shopping in two hours before, and then I think that some people believe it is funny.Just give yourself this name. "

Li Yan’s response

Clarified for yourself in a way of ridicule.In fact, no matter how much Li Yan can spend money, it is a gift given by her parents, which is not a big mistake.

After all, there are no parents in the world. They don’t want their children to live a rich and happy life, as well as Faye Wong and Li Yapeng.

Faye Wong, Li Yan

"Do you think you can deceive the level after singing a few words? You are called Xia Lin, why are you called Faye Wong? Why do you call Faye Wong? Use Wang Jingwen to transition, you stole my work file account book, the government has a sensation, the government has been a sensation, the government has a sensation.Are you pretending? "

Earlier this year, a netizen suddenly opened his voice to tear the queen Faye Wong.

Netizen who claims to be Faye Wong

The netizen claimed that she was "True Faye Wong". It was a national first -level actor. Unfortunately, her important identity information such as her work files and hukou was all "fake Faye Wong" named Xia Lin, which is now the current queen today.Faye Wong’s stolen.

Therefore, she reported in real name to report that Faye Wong took the name to replace herself.As soon as this incident came out, the true and false Faye Wong was quickly enthusiastic on the Internet.So does the netizen say that it is true?actually not.

Netizen who claims to be Faye Wong

Because if you think about it, you can find that the netizen’s words are almost vulnerable.As we all know, Faye Wong is a native Beijing girl who moved to Hong Kong at the age of 18.

Since then, people have developed their own singing careers in Hong Kong, and stepped on the position of heaven step by step.At that time, she had super popular and ability in Hong Kong music scene, and she did not need to replace the household registration status of a little singer at all.

Netizen who claims to be Faye Wong

Therefore, the netizen should just touch the porcelain.However, Faye Wong was indeed wronged, but she cut fans’ leeks, but Wang Sicong was firmly pressed on the shame pillar.

In an interview before, Wang Sicong, who has always been boldly spoken, talked about the Tickets about Faye Wong’s sky -high concert.At that time, he had bluntly said, saying that the price fare was definitely an insidator on the price of the day, and he also participated in it.

Wang Sicong broke the news

According to Wang Sicong, if it was not the price bureau’s blocking, Faye Wong even wanted to set the fare to more than 10,000.The queen is so greedy that it is really frightened.

After all, Faye Wong hasn’t made money for so many years. The most popular in her few years is almost countless money. Why should she cut fans and leeks so clearly?

Wang Sicong broke the news

The reason is also very simple, because she just wants to use this to make a lot of money, and then retreat behind the scenes.So even if she was scolded, money had been tightly clenched in her hands, and what was it?

Unfortunately, even if Faye Wong’s purpose is so obvious, there are still countless fans who have followed it.

Wang Sicong broke the news

For this reason, Wang Sicong couldn’t help voicing: "So no matter what circumstances, this behavior is actually damaging fans. Fans are forever, to put it bluntly, not fans.Who is brain disabled! "

Of course, in the final analysis, this is a willing to fight, not a wrong thing.But if the singers are doing this, they will be cold sooner or later. What do you say?

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