Fart "stink" during pregnancy is not just the cause of constipation!Solve the embarrassment, the pregnant mother needs to do this

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At night, I was telling Fulin’s story before going to bed. The little guy was suddenly embarrassed and told me as shy that he just put a fart just now.

Seeing his little look, I started teasing him: "Really? That must be smelly!"

I thought the little guy would raise a red face to refute, but didn’t want his son’s brain circuit to be too unusual. Instead, he asked me: "Mom, do you have time when you fart and smelly?"

When it comes to the topic of farting smell, I really think of a time, that is, when I was pregnant.

It seems that many mothers have fart during pregnancy and the embarrassment of farting stinks. Then why did farting during pregnancy smell, did the mothers think about it carefully?

Some Baoma may think that the cause of constipation during pregnancy will cause pregnant mothers to have such "trouble".In fact, the reason is not that simple, and why do we talk about it frequently from the pregnant mothers.

What’s wrong with farting frequently during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, a progesterone will appear in the pregnant mother. It is a hormone that stabilizes the state of pregnancy and ensures that the pregnancy movement continues to be performed normally.

The improvement of progesterone in pregnant mothers will slow down the intestinal peristalsis of pregnant mothers and weaken the digestive ability of pregnant mothers.The food taken by pregnant mothers will stay for a long time when the stomach is not digested, and then generates gas. This is why the pregnant mother exhausts during pregnancy.

Another reason for the increased exhaust of pregnant mothers is the volume change of the baby baby.

The baby’s baby slowly develops in the uterus, and naturally the size is getting bigger and bigger. The large uterus will squeeze the stomach of the pregnant mother, so that the pregnant mother’s gastric peristaltic and digestive function will be limited., Generate gas.

From this point of view, pregnant mothers have a lot of exhaustion during pregnancy and do not need to worry about it. On the contrary, it can prove that the progesterone of the pregnant mother is normal and the baby’s development is normal.

Of course, daily diet during pregnancy will also increase the number of pregnant mothers exhaust.

Pregnant mothers need to increase nutrition during pregnancy, and naturally they will eat more foods rich in protein, starch, and some of these foods can easily make the human body produce gas, which increases the frequency of exhaust of the pregnant mother.

What is the smell of fart during pregnancy?

The main reason for farting during pregnancy is related to the food staying in the pregnant mother.

The food is stranded in the stomach of the pregnant mother for a long time, causing these foods to ferment, and the gases formed after being decomposed will have flavors, and the excreted gases are smelly.

In addition, if pregnant mothers have too fast diet, or foods that are difficult to digest in excessive food, such as meat foods, this is more likely to cause food to accumulate.There are many gas and smelly.

How to avoid the embarrassing situation of farting smell during pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers should start from two aspects to avoid the embarrassment of farting smell.

● Diet:

Pregnant mothers try to consume digestible foods, eat more vegetables, increase dietary fiber, improve the bacterial environment in the intestine to accelerate gastrointestinal motility.

Adopt the principle of eating less meals, giving the stomach enough operation time, so that food can be fully digested, thereby reducing the production of gas.

At the same time, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to diet speed. Remember not to be too fast, so that the gastrointestinal pressure of the pregnant mother can be effectively alleviated, so that the food will not be digested.

Another point is that pregnant mothers should drink plenty of water to keep the intestines unblocked and reduce constipation. It is also a way to effectively reduce exhaust.

● On exercise:

Proper exercise can effectively strengthen gastrointestinal motility, accelerate gastrointestinal motility, promote the digestion of food, and effectively prevent pregnant mothers from having constipation and reduce the frequency of exhaust.

Exhausting during pregnancy is normal. Pregnant mothers should not have psychological burdens. If there is an exhaustion, pregnant mothers must not stand it. After all, those gas are human exhaust gas.Pregnant mothers are uncomfortable and affect the growth and development of the baby.

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Have you encountered those embarrassing things during pregnancy?

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