Falling in love with twins, I do n’t know who the child is after pregnancy. This thriller is highly energy!

Francois Ouro, a famous master of contraindications in France.

In his movies, never avoid the beautiful body, hidden desire,

Can always use the pen from God to bring the audience’s dual orgasm of the spirit and sensory.

And this movie I want to talk about today is Ou Rong’s most bold work-

Fu Mao, the film director of Cannes, has publicly stated:

This film has an beginning that has never been in the history of the movie.

Come, take a look together-

Before talking about the plot, let’s appreciate it, the beginning of the rumor unprecedented after–

The picture starts from the darkness,

Immediately the big close -up of the private part of the female,

But in an instant, the private parts were stacked into girls’s eyes,

In the end, the camera fixed it on the girl’s clear eyeball.

This large -scale lens also implies the metaphor of the film at the beginning–

The private part is the symbol of love y U, and the eyes are the windows of the soul.

The heart is sexual, and the way of film characters spy the world must be inseparable from sex.

The heroine Croy is a model, and his face is good.

Everything is fine, but a strange disease recently, always stomachache.

After seeing a lot of doctors, I can’t find out the reason.

The doctor speculates that it may be caused by psychological problems,

So she found a psychologist Paul.

Paul, gentle and gentleman,

During the treatment, most of Clois was saying that Paul was listening.

At first glance, this treatment method was slightly lazy, but I did not expect to be accidentally used for Clois.

Croy revealed his heart disease to Paul-

She always has some strange dreams,

She dreamed that she was pregnant and felt that she had a twin sister.

And, she seems to have some symptoms of "schizophrenia "–

She was born after her mother’s one -night stand, and she has no father since she was a child.

So I’m always obsessed with men who are older than their own,

She likes to seduce them, but hates them touch themselves,

Psychological is very contradictory.

For many days of talks, Clois’s condition has improved,

However, at this moment, Paul stopped the treatment urgently.

It was not because it couldn’t be cured, but Paul fell in love with Clory.

It happened that Croy also relied on Paul,

The two love, cohabitation, and described by the two.

It is amazing that Clois’s stomach has never hurt again since living with Paul.

However, Clory’s mood has not stretched,

Because she vaguely feels that Paul has something to hide from herself-

When she moved, she found Paul’s old passport,

The photo is right, but the name has changed from Paul to Louis.

In addition, one day after get off work, she accidentally saw a man who was exactly the same as Paul on the road.

She followed all the way and found that the man turned out to be a psychologist.

In order to clarify Paul’s details, Croy was dressed as a man.

She wanted to knock on the side, but did not expect that the man had already knew her purpose.

The man named Louis, claiming to be Paul’s twin brother.

Unlike the gentle Paul, Louis’s personality is very strong,

Even the treatment is naked, rude, and fierce.

However, this kind of strength not only did not scare off Croy, but made her even more fascinating.

She fell in love with Louis as soon as she was out of control.

She started to walk between her brothers,

It is not necessary to extricate the body’s joy and the comfort of the soul.

Until one day, she found that she was pregnant–

She wanted to stop this derailed relationship immediately,

Kaelo has noticed Croy’s derailment.

At the same time, Clory also learned about the past of the brothers–

Paul’s girlfriend was called Sandra,

Louis, who has loved to grab his brother’s things since he was a child, Qiang BAO has made Sandra.

Later, Sandra was abandoned by Paul, and suicide attempted to become a vegetative.

Croy was panicked, although she didn’t know who her child was,

But she knew that if she did not fight back, Sandra’s end was her.

So she raised the gun and aimed at the two brothers.

But at this moment, Clory’s stomach suddenly broke away,

Also stretched out one hand.

What is unexpected to everyone is,

Kroy was not a child, but a cyst.

At this point, all weird, suspense, and thrilling plots have also explained ———

Spoiler warning!Relevant personnel please evacuate quickly!

Some weird shots have appeared many times in the movie,

For example, when Clory was unable to describe with Paul, Louis suddenly appeared,

Croy’s head was divided into two from one.

The picture is not bloody, but it is a bit weird, think about it again!

These shots also imply that the movie is actually false and real,

There are many plots that are Clois’s imagination,

As for why she always dreamed of a twin sister, why always hurt her stomach,

They are all related to the cyst cell she gave birth to.

In the early stages of pregnancy, Kroy’s mother had two embryos in the body.

But the weaker one was sucked by Clois and became a parasitic.

And Paul and Louis, in fact, the projection of Croy and parasites.

Regarding this phenomenon, it is not the director’s Hu Yan,

In genetics, this phenomenon is called "Chimera phenomenon".

In reality, there are indeed such cases–

Although the angle of the movie’s mystery is relatively new,

But many fans don’t buy it–

Many people spit out, and saw that the last thing was to see the rush of "Entering Science".

Fortunately, the movie continues Ou Rong’s superb photography style,

Comfortable color matching, symmetrical composition, wonderful mirror,

I am still familiar with the texture of Ourong -style high -end movie.

Even some long suspense pavement and logical errors,

But the sensory stimulus that does not cover up can still pay the fare on the fare

Can make the flawed film so artistic, and catch people again,

Probably only Ou Rong.

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