Face!The 18 -year -old girl has abdominal pain to seek medical treatment, but she has a child in the hospital toilet

Source: Yangtze Evening News

The 18 -year -old girl did not know that she was pregnant, and she gave birth to a child in the hospital toilet when she was doctor …

In the early morning of August 1st, a young foreign woman in Suzhou, Ma, accompanied her boyfriend because of abdominal pain. When she went to the toilet in the hospital, she gave birth to a 3 -pound child in the hospital toilet!

It is understood that Ma is 18 years old and is similar to his boyfriend. He is a foreigner and there are no parents around him.In the early morning, Ma was accompanied by his boyfriend’s abdomen pain in the Eastern District of the Eastern District of Suzhou City Hospital. After the surgeon Wei Tengteng asked the medical history, Ma said that he was only a stomach pain. He also came to menstruation a few days ago, and everything else was normal.

After Wei Tengteng measured Ma Mou to measure his life signs, he found that there was a block on Ma’s belly.When he was preparing to do the B -ultrasound for a clear cause, Ma wanted to go to the toilet, so he went to the toilet in his boyfriend’s help. After about 2 minutes, Ma’s boyfriend suddenly ran out and shouted: "The doctor came to see! She had a lot of blood! "

After hearing Ma’s boyfriend’s shout, the surgeon Wei Tengteng and emergency nurse Zhang Jianwei immediately ran to the bathroom to check. The scene was shocked: a child fell to the ground, with a umbilical cord placenta, and blood in one place.IntersectionThe doctor immediately lifted the child from the ground and found that the child’s complexion was green. The nurse on the side immediately called for other doctors and nurses to come to rescue.In less than 30 seconds, the pediatrician and the rescue room nurse all arrived at the scene.Make emergency treatment for children to help children restore their breath.After about 10 seconds, the child cried with a wow and successfully returned to breathing.Subsequently, the doctor immediately transferred the child and mother to the rescue car to the rescue room.

Why is the 18 -year -old woman pregnant without knowing it?The doctor said: "The main reason is that the lack of gender education and related medical knowledge, and usually lack of protection measures. In this case, it is easy to cause pregnancy. Furthermore, she (Ma) has a small belly and bleeding during pregnancy.I mistakenly think that it is a holiday, so I didn’t realize that I was pregnant at all. "

It is reported that Ma’s mother and son now have been safely transferred to the hospital.Because Ma knew when he was pregnant with this child, he couldn’t judge whether he was full, and the hospital also needed further inspection of Ma and the child.

Source | Yangzi Evening News reporter Xue Mayi Intern Hu Min Correspondent Yang Kang

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