Face a long spot how to do?Teach you a detailed tutorial for freckle

How can it lighten?Is it really necessary to use medical beauty?Isn’t skin care?

OK!But Hong Kong is really!It is still difficult to use skin care products to achieve the light spots that can be visible to the naked eye.

Are those light spots cutting leeks?

Hoo, can’t say that!

Although they cannot be effectively lighted, they still have good protection and inhibitory effects.

Why do you say that?

Because the effect you want = visible to the naked eye, I use your product today to see the spots on my face, otherwise you will tell you false publicity, go out to let the product spicy chicken without LUAN, persuade everyone not to buy it, don’t buy it, don’t buy it.EssenceSkin care products say: You are just embarrassed, my fat tiger …

Really, it’s so difficult, don’t persuade me.

The light spot effect of skin care products is a slow passage without speed.

For example, "the small strings are cut as in whispering", which is the kind of "diving in the wind into the night, the moisturizing and silent" decomposition melanin, whitening and spots.(Whispered BB: See the child, the text of the primary school has been moved up, throwing it)

After all, the horn layer is updated every 28 days. You want to see the effect. 28 days are the bottom line.

OK, after understanding this, we can still be friends, and we can also play with (light) playing (spot)

No matter what spots, there is a tension between the melanin.

That’s how the spot is:

Long spots are derived from the abnormal increase of melanin. The production process of melanin is actually similar to that of the factories of the factory.

First accept the order:

There is a "factory" that specializes in melanocytes at the bottom of the skin -melanocytes.When it is stimulated by ultraviolet rays and inflammation, it begins to put in production and make melanin.The larger the list (the longer the sun), the more melanin generated by melanocytes.

Then start production:

But the melanocyte itself cannot produce melanin itself. It requires "raw materials", that is, tyrosine (a kind of amino acid in the human body).Also need to recruit a batch of "workers" that can do melanin -tyrosine.With workers and raw materials, the factory can start to produce melanin smoothly.

Last transport delivery:

After layers of production, the produced melanin is transported north from the dermis layer to the stratum corneum, laying on the skin surface.Like an umbrella supported, helping to resist ultraviolet rays to the skin’s stimulation.(That’s right, the skin is not to make you darkened or spots, but a kind of self -protection.) The melanin gathers a lot in the surface, and your skin becomes black.

However, the spots are different. The skin of the skin is tissue and disciplined production.The whole face will turn black for a day, but the spots are pieces one by one, often only appearing in the local area.

This is why?

This shows that some melanin at the bottom layer of the base has begun to be "blackened". It is no longer satisfied with unity with the surrounding melanocytes. Instead, she wants to produce more melanin by themselves.To make the "little bandit".

In other words, the skin turning black is a reaction in the normal physiological state of melanocytes, and spots are pathological reactions. Long spots are a skin disease.

It is feasible to use whitening roads, but the specific implementation will be different.Because there is only one kind of black, but the spots are different.

What are the spots?sunburn

Features: often appear on the face (nose, cheeks), arms, hind neck, chest, etc. are exposed to more sunlight parts. The colors are more light brown and dark brown, which are mostly distributed in a dot -shaped distribution.

Light -colored sunburn is often not obvious, and you can’t see it on the mirror. If you are not sure if you have sunburn, teach you a secret to see the spots.

No need to be three or four thousand or nine or ninety -eight. See the secret to you!

As long as you take out your phone, let’s first have a terrible selfie

Then, adjust the contrast, always pull like this

(For the convenience of explanation, the computer version of the computer version is beautiful)

It will get this effect:

Wow, melanin is clear instantly, so good ~

If your family has ultraviolet lights, it is easier, and it will come out.Quietly Mimi tells you: I often use the cat’s Wood’s Lantern to illuminate the spots, according to Grandpa Mao, all the monsters and monsters in the family … Jacked, how can I have a monster in my family, obviously there is only a fairy, slightly slightly ~

Reason for the appearance of sunburn: Tell you very simple and directly, it is the sun exposure!


Do a good job of prevention, sunscreen work must be done well.

The light sunburn is directly based on whitening roads. The darker and stubborn sunburn should be solved with medical beauty.

(Woohoo, the stubborn sunburn, blue thin shiitake mushrooms …) Melazing

Features: Generally, symmetry is distributed in the eye, forehead, cheeks, nose, and mouth. Usually, it is distributed in a split -shaped distribution. Generally, it appears on the face of young and middle -aged girls. There are fewer men.


· Genetic: Going home Kangkang Baba Ma Ma is not long, if so, then you know

· UV stimulation: The principle just said 5 minutes ago, so be careful, I jumped out of your phone and hammer your head!

· Pregnancy: Many women change hormones in the body after pregnancy. Efficacy of estrogen and progesterone will stimulate melanin production and form pregnancy spots.Fortunately, most of the pregnancy spots will slow down with the end of delivery, but there are exceptions.If your mother still has the "trace" left when she is born, remember to go home and hug her.

· Take contraceptive pills: ah, right … I won’t say it … Look, not only hurts the body, but also hurts the skin!I have to be so grateful … (Remember to love yourself well)

· Use hormone -containing skin care products: The use of hormone and heavy metal skin care products may also stimulate the skin of the skin.So don’t believe that V business has no product and supports genuine.


Depending on the depth of melanin, the color of melasma is also very different. It is mild light yellow or cyan brown, and it will have dark brown and black.

Epidermal layer: The melanin gathering position is lighter, the color is relatively darker, and the edges are relatively clear.

The dermis layer: melanin gathers darker, lighter in color, unclear, and not obvious.

Although the epidermal spots are dark, the position is shallow.Do a good job of sunscreen every day, and then match the whitening light spots, melanin will fall off with the stratum corneum metabolism.

Although the dermis spots are light in color, they have a deep position.It is difficult for ordinary skin care products to enter the dermis layer through the epidermis, and it is necessary to cooperate with the medical beauty project for treatment.freckle

Features: Generally, symmetrically distributed in the nose and cheeks, and some people also appear on the front chest; the appearance is a bit of round or cobblestone state.appear.

Cause: Most of them are inherited, and only a small part is affected by the environment.Studies have shown that 91%of freckles are caused by genetics.


Sun protection.Another study has shown that sun exposure is the direct cause of inducing and aggravating freckles.

Medical beauty solution, follow -up with skin care products maintenance.Old spots

Features: The middle -aged and elderly groups often appear after the age of 50, and generally appear on the face, scalp, arm and back of the arms.Over time, some elderly spots will slowly "raised".like this:

Reasons for formation: related to human cell aging and metabolism.As the age rises, the metabolic capacity of a waste called "lipoplastin" in the body decreases, and it is specially accumulated in the skin, and it is slowly formed.


You can try to solve it through medical beauty, but generally older spots appear more among 70 or 80 years old people. At this time, there is a certain risk of medical beauty. It is not recommended.It is better to calm down, and it is peaceful. Take him as a trace of time.EssenceEssence

How to remove freckles?Skin care

Light spots of skin care products also follow the idea of whitening.Students still remember, how did we turn black?

snort!I shouldn’t ask, I knew that no one listened every time I talked about dry goods. I couldn’t remember it after listening.Now, your thumb is sliding forward and sliding forward. Are you seeing the melanin formation process diagram?See it for me!

Are you optimistic?

Optimistic, we continue to do dry goods.

Following three ideas:

Inhibit melanin generation

Prevent melanin transfer

Metabolic melanin

Why not affect the production of melanocytes?

Bi Kuisi, generally melanocytes are destroyed, we will get sick and suffer from vitiligo.For example, well -known director Feng Xiaogang and Michael Jackson are patients with vitiligo.

So don’t think about this method, all unhealthy beauty methods are not worth promoting.

Inhibit melanin generation

Do not destroy melanocytes and does not mean that we cannot destroy production. We can cheat tyrosine that produces melanin!Secretly replace the tyrosine.Without tyrosine, it is naturally impossible to make a qualified melanin.

Ordinary ingredients can naturally not escape the eye eyes of tyrosinase. Only raw materials that are extremely similar to tyrosine, such as hydrogen (currently not used in skin care products), cordonin, curvic acid, acidic acid, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren, and RenliErochemical, 377 and other ingredients.

Example: XDG bentoside mask, Dikoquid acid, The Ordinary Ren two acids and so on.

Prevent melanin transfer

The production of melanin is a joint combat of cells and ultraviolet rays. It is not enough to suppress melanin production.Because there are always some "leaks of fish" that can kill the siege in advance. For melanin that has already reached the road, we can rob it halfway.

The ingredients that prevent melanin metastasis are: nicotinamide, ethic acid, 377, cyclidin, and lithographic device.

Example: Oujia Danba Essence, a doctor of the city 377 and so on.

Metabolic melanin

For those spots that have been waiting at the end (stratum corneum) early, we can metabolize it with some means, that is, flushing this waste like a toilet.

The ingredients that can be used are: fruit acid, salicylic acid, vitamin alcohol/ester/aldehyde, and rendic acid.

Example: A certain amount of Ahol, a L -carian C fruit acid dual -effect essence, etc.

Of course, the most important thing is: sunscreen!

(There is no ultraviolet rays, all this will happen, um.) Medicine beauty

① Photon rejuvenation

Also known as strong pulse light, it mainly uses a wide-spectrum light formed by a high-strength light source after focusing and filtering to the skin. The wavelength range is between 500-1200mm. The wavelengths are different and the effects are different.Usually 3-6 times

② leather seconds

The skin is also a kind of laser. It mainly uses the selectivity of laser acceptability. Under the premise of not harming the skin, it crushes melanin, and then uses phagocytocytes to wrap the broken melanin.

The speed of leather pose is extremely fast, and it is real visible to the naked eye.Many people use the leather pose to wash tattoos, and compared to other laser, the pain of the leather picosecond (10 points is full score, nanosecond is 7.9, and the picosecond is only 3.8).Suitable for a small part of the pigmentation, pigment -like, and group -like spots are not suitable for leather pose.

③ q laser

Similar to q and leather pose, it is also a laser.It’s just that Picsecond is an upgraded version of Q q.Although the effect is not as good as picosecond, it is not bad. MMs who have not funded funds can consider it. Generally, it is almost about 3-6 times!

Finally, I wish you all get rid of the spots as soon as possible and become beautiful as soon as possible. If you do n’t understand, you can comment in the answer area.Bye ~

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