Exposure Li Xiaofeng’s pregnancy!Liu Kaiwei’s family bloomed, Xiao Nuomi was left out, and Yang Mi suspected to return to Hong Kong to win the baby

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On March 18, Hong Kong media revealed that the host Li Xiaofeng was two months pregnant. The Liu Kaiwei family turned around her, which ignored the news of her daughter Xiao Nuomi, which attracted the attention and hot discussion of many netizens for a while.

According to Hong Kong media reports, after learning about Li Xiaofeng’s pregnancy, the Liu Kaiwei family was particularly happy, especially his father Liu Dan, who smiled all day. In order to compensate Li Xiaofeng, Liu Kaiwei’s family members served her.As the Empress Dowager Cixi.

Moreover, Liu Dan’s concept is more traditional and a bit heavy. Although Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi have given birth to daughter Xiao Nuomi, Liu Dan still hopes that Liu Kaiwei can give himself a grandson. Now he knows that the new daughter -in -law is pregnant, and his wish is also his wish.It is about to be realized, and I am very happy.

But because of this, the family’s attention was on Li Xiaofeng, which ignored the young glutinous rice.

As we all know, after Yang Mi Liu Kaiwei divorced, her daughter followed Liu Kaiwei. Now that she learned that Liu Kaiwei’s girlfriend was pregnant, her daughter Xiao Nuomi was too cold, and Yang Mi must be very distressed.

On March 11, someone occasionally encountered Yang Mi with his parents in a hotel in Hong Kong. He also had a lot of toys in his hand. It should be visiting his daughter Xiao Nuomi.

With the news of Li Xiaofeng’s pregnancy, many people who eat melon have speculated that Yang Mi may not visit her daughter simply when going to Hong Kong this time.His daughter was ignored and was left out, and was lacking in love.

It is understood that Liu Kaiwei publicly acknowledged his relationship with the female host Liu Xiaofeng as early as November 18, 2022. He claimed to be a friend’s introduction, and the two got along very comfortably, so they came together.

Earlier, when the two went out for a meal, they were photographed by Li Xiaofeng’s stomach a little raised, suspected to be pregnant, and now it seems that it is not groundless.

In this regard, some netizens expressed their feelings. After all, there are such families around them. Because their parents have remarried, they causing their children to feel the love of their parents.The deepest team.

Many netizens support Yang Mi to regain the child’s custody. I am afraid that after Li Xiaofeng gave birth to his son, Xiao Nuomi’s situation is even more embarrassing. The mother does not hurt her father or love, and even grandparents will give all the love to grandson.

Some netizens think that her daughter should live better with her mother. After all, adolescent girls will still be uncomfortable with their father.

Of course, this is the matter between Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi. I hope they can negotiate and give their daughters a family full of love, so that Xiao Nuomi grows in a loving atmosphere.Heal with a lifetime. "


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“In Hong Kong media exposure Li Xiaofeng’s pregnancy”

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