Exercise more before pregnancy, make you "pregnancy" full

Life is movement.Pregnant couples before pregnancy often exercise their bodies, which can not only maintain good health and control weight, but also provide healthy, active sperm and eggs, laying the foundation for bred healthy and smart babies.So half a year before pregnancy, the couple should be exercised.

The focus of pregnant mother fitness

Chest training: The tightness and tightness of the chest can better promote the recovery of postpartum form, improve the activation capacity, enhance the oxygen intake ability, and better maintain the body shape.Abdominal training: Strengthen the elasticity of the abdominal muscles, thereby cope with the increasing abdomen that is increasing during pregnancy; keep the pelvis in the right position to ensure the safety of the fetus; improve the small muscle strength and control ability of the pelvic cavity, and help smooth production and postpartum recovery.

Back training: Strong back muscles can better protect the torso and keep the spine neutral; ensure that the viscera is not oppressed after pregnancy, and the function is normal.Leg training: Maintain and strengthen the strength and elasticity of the leg muscle, can better support the body, ensure that the normal life after the weight gain during pregnancy improves the flexibility of the muscle, enhances the ability of blood reflux, and slows down the edema of the lower limbs.

Move, summon a good pregnancy

1. Walk

Walking is one of the best fitness methods, and men and women are suitable.When walking, the natural and coordinated movements of the limbs can make the joints of the whole body get moderately moved. In addition, the emotions are relaxed and free, which can make the meridian smooth, the blood circulation of qi and blood, the joints of the joints and bones, and the spirit of the gods and the five internal organs.

2. Jogging

For pregnant mothers, adjusting the body to the best state is one of the extremely important things.Perseverance can not only enhance immunity, but also improve sexual functions. More importantly, it is conducive to eugenics and helps to recover postpartum figure.

3, rope skipping

Rope skipping can enhance the peristalsis of female fallopian tubes and help the secretion of hormones and other auxiliary reproductive liquids, thereby promoting the operation of fertilized eggs, enabling them to reach the uterine cavity faster, and avoid fertilized eggs from bed in the fallopian tube, and ectopic pregnancy occurs.It should be reminded that when the sperm enters the pregnant mother for 20 hours, it is not advisable to skip the rope.Because skipping at this time will affect the combination of sperm and eggs.

4. Swimming

Swimming can strengthen your body and strengthen your body coordination.Different swimming postures exercise different body parts. Among them, breaststroke and butterfly stamping are the two swimming postures that are most suitable for women.Breaststroke and butterfly can exercise the muscles of the thighs and pelvic cavity.Swimming in these two postures can not only effectively prevent uterine prolapse, rectal sagging, and bladder sagging, but also improve women’s sexual ability.In addition, swimming can also be detoxified, because the buoyancy of water during swimming can reduce the body’s weight of 90%, help people reduce, release joint pressure, and stimulate lymphatic detoxification.

5. Plati

Plati is very suitable for women. It can exercise muscle curves of the waist, abdomen and hips, help women have flat abdomen, strong muscles, coordinated and flexible bodies, and can also improve natural delivery.

Female physiological period Plati

During the physiological period, the secretion of luteal hormones has decreased, emotional, and feels stressful. Sometimes symptoms such as dysmenorrhea occur.Proper practice stretching breathing exercises can not only improve low emotions, but also prevent the accumulation of hip and leg fat at this stage.

1. lying on your back

Hands with your palms with your hands, stretch your feet, lift your hips, so that your body is stretched into a straight oblique line and kept for dozens of seconds.

2. lying down

Raise your head, look the front, your legs are close, your feet are straight, your hips are tightened, your legs are raised 15 ° from the ground, and your knees should not be bent as much as possible.

3. Both legs together

Straighten up, sit on the ground, look ahead, flatten your arms to the left and right, and tighten your waist consciously. Starting from your waist, you will slowly drive your hips and upper body to twist. Do not rotate below the waist.

4. Side lying on the side

One hand holds the head up, and the other hand is naturally placed on the ground, and the upper body remains unmoved.Straighten your legs, do not move your legs, open your legs to open your legs, and then slowly let go to experience the feeling of pressing down.

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