Excessive weight loss affects pregnancy, please accept this checklist if you encounter infertility

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Children’s importance to the family is self -evident. However, due to various factors, there is currently a decline in fertility worldwide.About 10%-15%of the world’s nursery-age couples are infertile, and the abortion rate is as high as 10%-25%. China will add 1 million new defects each year.Song Xiaocui, director of the Reproductive Medicine Division of the Second Hospital of Shandong University, is a guest in "One Point", which sorts out the significance and necessity of various infertility inspections.

Couples with infertility should take a doctor at the same time

"A pair of spouses have not contraceptive, have a normal sex life for at least 12 months without obtaining clinical pregnancy. The woman is called infertility, and the man is called infertility." Song Xiaocui said that infertility is a set of causes of various causes of various causes.The state of fertility disorders, the third largest disease in tumor and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Speaking of the reasons for the high incidence of infertility, Song Xiaocui said that the overall delay of the age of fertility is an important influencing factor."With the increase in age, the incidence of infertility in the age of 20-24 is 6%, 15%in the age of 30-34, 30%of 35-39 years, and 64%at 40-45 years old."

According to the cause, infertility can be divided into primary infertility and secondary infertility. Among them, primary infertility refers to those who have never had a history of pregnancy, those who have no contraception and never pregnancy.Pregnancy refers to those who have had a history of pregnancy and have not been infertile for 12 consecutive months.

"Couples with infertility should be visited at the same time, because the decision-making and treatment decisions are related to both couples." Song Xiaocui said that from the cause of infertility, female factor infertility accounts for 40%-50%, maleFactor infertility accounts for 30%-40%, 10%of the two sides, and 10%of the causes of infertility are unknown.

Strong exercise and rapid weight loss may lead to infertility

"Among the infertility of women’s factors, ovulation disorders account for 40%, and pelvic cavity factors can account for 50%." Song Xiaocui further analyzed, the causes of ovulation disorders include central ovulation disorders, ovarian lesions, and other endocrine diseases.

Song Xiaocui reminded: "Too severe exercise, rapid weight loss, anorexia, etc. can cause functional ovulation disorders. Women must lose weight moderately, and do not excessively pursue fast and extremely slimming."

The pelvic factor includes genital tract lesions (about 40%) and endometriosis (about 10%), accounting for about 35%of the cause of all infertility, which is also the main cause of secondary infertility.Common causes include tubal abnormalities, acute and chronic inflammation, history of surgery, structure and functional changes.

Causes of male infertility include semen abnormalities, male sexual dysfunction, external genital dysplasia, and immune factors.

According to Song Xiaocui, the factors of both men and women cannot be ruled out for unknown infertility, accounting for 10%-20%of infertility people. The current medical technology cannot be found."It may be the effects of being affected by hidden tubal factors, potential ovulation female cell abnormalities, fertilized disorders, embryo bed failure, embryo development, immune factors, and unknown genetic defects."

It is not reliable to ovulation by measuring body temperature

When patients with infertility go to the hospital, regardless of men and women, the medical history is the first step. Women mainly include menstrual history, marriage and childbirth, family history, etc."Doctors will keep the patient’s medical history secret. Everyone must not conceal the medical history to the doctor to avoid affecting the diagnosis of the disease." Song Xiaocui reminded.

While asking the medical history, physical development and nutritional status (height, weight, body fat distribution characteristics, smell, second sexual characteristics, thyroid conditions, excessiverogens signs, black germiamia), gynecological examination, etc. are all necessary foundationsexamine.

Ovarian reserve is a speed limit factor for infertility treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively determine the ovarian condition through six inspections such as age, signs, color Doppler ultrasound, and sex hormones, so as to determine the overall rhythm of treatment.

At the same time, observing the basic state of the ovaries and endometrium conditions, serum basic endocrine hormone measurement, etc. through pelvic ultrasound (recommendation of yin ultrasound), you can understand whether ovulation is normal.

"Women of menstrual rules are likely to ovulate." Song Xiaocui explained that the basis of basic body temperature determines that it is easy to cause excessive nervousness and anxiety, causing unnecessary pressure, and is not recommended.However, women who have no medical treatment for work or remote areas can be used as a good choice.

Compared with radioactive angiography, the more popular are now the uterine fallopian tubal angiography under ultrasound, which can rotate 360 ° to observe the fallopian tube. There are no radiation radiation, and the next month can be conceived.higher.

Semen analysis is part of the initial evaluation of infertility

For men’s examinations, medical history, physical development and nutritional inspections are also essential. At the same time, reproductive system examinations and semen analysis must be performed.

The abnormalities in the reproductive system can be detected by related ultrasound examinations, including prostate and seminal gland."Semen analysis is part of the initial assessment of infertility." Song Xiaocui said that it is generally necessary to perform 2-3 semen analysis to obtain baseline data.Because the sperm production cycle is three months, the diagnosis review is best to conduct after three months of first examination.

When necessary, reproductive hormone testing, sperm antibody antibody measurement, genetic screening (severe severity and non-spermist: chromatin nuclear analysis and Y chromosome micro-lack), hypothalamus-pituitary areaInspection of examinations, diagnostic testicular biopsy and other aspects.

"For infertility diagnosis of infertility for unknown reasons, it mainly relies on excluding diagnostic methods." Song Xiaocui said that semen routine, ovulation monitoring, pelvic cavity and fallopian tube unobstructed examination can be diagnosedExamination of indicators, tuberculin tests, chromosome nuclear analysis, (CT/MRI) imaging, etc.

Song Xiaocui reminded that in addition to the above reasons, good mentality is crucial for breeding. "Good pregnancy is fully tried. During the pregnancy, the heart is calm, exercising and developing a healthy lifestyle has a half -effective role in good pregnancy."

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