Except for eggs, do you know the nutrition of other egg products?

Eggs mainly refer to the eggs of poultry, including chickens, ducks, goose eggs, and other poultry eggs, such as quail eggs and pigeon eggs.Daily residents consumption and consumption and consumption are mainly eggs.Eggs are mainly composed of three parts: egg shell, egg white, and egg yolk.Taking the eggs that are eaten frequently as an example, each egg weighs about 50g, and the weight of the egg shell accounts for about 11%of the weight of the whole egg.

The nutrients of eggs are roughly the same.Egg is the source of high-quality protein, with a protein content of about 13%; the fat content of about 10%-15%; the content of carbohydrates is low, about 1.5%;Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and trace vitamin C; mineral content is 1.0%-1.5%, of which the content of phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, and selenium is high.The fat, vitamins and minerals contained in eggs are mainly concentrated in egg yolk.

Today, let’s talk about the precautions for eating eggs and common egg products.

Precautions for Eggs Consumption

1. Discarding egg yolk is not desirable

Blood lipids are the general name of the lipids in blood, including cholesterol.The results of existing research have confirmed that the most important hazard of hypertrophic alcohol is easy to cause coronary heart disease, stroke and other atherosclerosis.Cholesterol is mainly concentrated in egg yolk, and the content of cholesterol per 100g of egg yolk is ≥1500mg. Based on this, some people with abnormal blood lipids are often "far away from egg yolk."In fact, this is not the case. The daily cholesterol synthesized in the human body is about 1-1.2g, and the cholesterol that originated from the diet accounts for 1/7-1/3 for the synthetic cholesterol in the body.Therefore, the "Reference Incubine of Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents (2013 Edition)" deleted the upper limit of dietary cholesterol (the upper limit of cholesterol in 2000 is 300mg/d) (Note: MG/D: milligrams/day).

2. Do not eat raw eggs, do not drink raw egg white, beware of Salmonella infection

The protein of raw eggs is collagen, and the human body is not easy to digest and absorb; raw egg whites contain antibiotic protein and antipotinase substances. The former affects the absorption of biotin.Poultry can spread Salmonella directly through the ovaries.When cooking eggs, at least 75 ° C in the inner temperature, the eggs should be cooked until the egg yolk becomes solid, and it does not eat all kinds of dish.

The advantages and disadvantages of these three common egg products

How much do you know?

1. Songhua Egg: Almost all vitamins B are destroyed, and there is a problem with lead pollution

Pine flower eggs, also known as preserved eggs, changes, eggs, etc.Songhua egg is a famous product in my country, and its production was invented and created in the long -term life practice of our working people.Pine flower eggs are generally made of fresh duck eggs by special processing methods.The processing of finished products is different from fresh eggs in terms of nutrient composition and content.

There is less moisture in pine eggs, so the content of protein increases slightly, especially due to the effect of alkali and salt added during processing, which increases the content of minerals in the pine eggs significantly.After the fresh duck eggs become pine eggs, the composition of nutrients has changed, and the nutritional value has also changed to a certain amount. It is especially manifested in B vitamin. Due to the effect of alkali, it is almost completely destroyed, reducing the nutritional value of egg vitamin.

In addition, in the process of production of Songhua eggs, sometimes a certain lead is added to improve the quality of its appearance, but lead is a harmful element for the human body. Therefore, there are currently some new processing methods that make Songhua eggs become no.Lead or low -lead eggs are more in line with human health.

2. Salted eggs: should not eat more, be alert to exceeding the standard daily salt intake

Salted eggs, also known as pickled eggs and salt eggs.my country has a long history of producing salted eggs. A long time ago, the working people of our country placed fresh poultry eggs in salt water. Later, it was found that the eggs stored by salt water not only did not deteriorate for a long time, but also had a special flavor.Therefore, this method of storing eggs in salt water has gradually evolved into the method of processing salted eggs.The processing method of salted eggs is simple and easy to process, low processing costs, easy to master processing technology, special product flavor, convenient consumption, and won the love of consumers.After the fresh eggs are marinated into salted eggs, due to the effect of salt, the proportion of nutrients in the eggs has changed. Due to the penetration of salt, salted eggs decreased than the water content in fresh eggs, and the content of fat and carbohydrates has some contentAscension, protein may be partially exuded, the content decreases, and the content of inorganic salts such as calcium rises significantly.

From the overall perspective, the changes in nutritional value of fresh and salted eggs are not very great, but it should be noted that because salt is used during the marinating process, when the marinating time is relatively long, there is comparison in salt in salt.A lot of sodium enters the egg."Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2022)" recommends that adults have no more than 5g of salt per day.Therefore, it is not advisable to eat more, especially patients with hypertension and kidney disease.

3. Bad eggs: unique flavor and high calcium content, it is a good cold food

The bad egg is made of high -quality fresh duck eggs through glutinous rice.All the eggshells of the finished egg are partially or partially falling off. Only the contents of the shell are covered with the contents of the egg. It is an egg product like a soft shell. Therefore, people are also called soft shell bad eggs.The eggs are tender, the egg yolks are orange -red, the scent is fragrant, and the taste is endless after eating. It is a unique cold food in my country.

In the process of bad eggs, the gels generated can make the egg white and the egg yolk solidify and degenerate, and make the eggs have a slight sweetness. While producing alcoholCalcium salt borrows the infiltration effect into the film on the surface of the egg, so the calcium content of bad eggs is particularly high, about 40 times higher than ordinary fresh eggs.Therefore, this is an egg product with high nutritional value.Text/Gao Chunhai (physician, registered nutritionist at the Tianjin Disease Prevention and Control Center)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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