Ex -boyfriend is a doctor at gynecological hospital?IntersectionAfter breaking up with his ex -boyfriend, did you get pregnant?


I have been vomiting and nausea after breaking up with my ex -boyfriend, and back pain, and my aunt has been postponed for a week. I always thought it was caused by falling in love. After a month of breakup, my mother felt that I bought a pregnancy test stick.Be

After I arrived at the hospital for examination, I fell decisively. After I arrived at the operating room, I was lying on the operating table.

"Where is your family? Let her sign a word"

I heard this familiar voice coming together

"Gu Chen?"

He turned his head and looked like me.


Ah ah ah, how can it be so embarrassing? The main doctor of abortion surgery is actually a ex -boyfriend, and the child’s father …

"Why are you here?"

He is wearing a white coat and a mask, but his eyes are handsome and it’s hard to love

"I … guess what I came to fight when I came to fight."

"Do you hit a child?! Who’s children?"

"do not fight!"

I got up and put on my pants and ran out.

"Hey? Really!"

My mother who came here was surprised to see me running all the way

I can only do this now …


I did n’t eat appetite at home for dinner. I have been thinking about whether the child should be killed. After two months, there are almost people type, and the child’s father is so handsome. The child must not be worse.

I turned over and over in bed, and suddenly WeChat suddenly popped out of a friend to add

[Dust. Invite you to add you as a friend]

I jumped up in a hurry and thought about it for a long time before I ordered the consent

"Who is the child?"

Do you ask this question when you come up?Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyour?

"The two of us have broken up, what do you mean?"

"I broke up and keep the key chain I give you". "

WC, my bag is still in the hospital, I just forget to do it

"Throw it out of anxiety"


"Ah … not"

"Aren’t you going to fight a child? Why are you running halfway?"

"Nothing, I’m playing tomorrow, today I have limited strength."



I came to the hospital early this morning. At 10:20, I was lying on the operating table to come and prepare for surgery.

"Family members have signed, prepared for surgery"

I touched my little belly and hesitated again and again, but the doctor next to me did not wait. The anesthetic had to be tied to my skin


I choked with crying, and Gu Chen saw me crying and asking what happened.

"I won’t fight anymore, kid … I want"

After all, it is a little guy who stayed in his stomach for two months. Even a puppy, I couldn’t bear it for two months.

Gu Chen heard this sentence and said in the same place for a long time to say

"How do you raise such a child, you are a 23 -year -old person? Even a boyfriend, do you want this child to have no father?"

Its father is you in front of you

"It’s okay, I can"

"Who is the child? You just divided me for a month, and the children are two months old."

At the age of 16, I was at the same table at the same table at the same time. He confessed that the two were together. For five years with him, I was the first time I doubted how he became a doctor.

The doctor and nurse next to each other looked at Gu Chen in confusion. Suddenly, a nurse said that you broke up two months ago. The child has been two months. What happened to your two two months ago?

I am also very strange, because the two have never said that they want children, because they have not got married, so contraceptive measures are very good, there is no gap at all.

However, Gu Chen suddenly remembered the incident two months ago. I and his classmates gathered too much that day. I started to do it without saying a word after returning home.Three of them, the clothes in the room were full of clothes with Gu Chen and the goose hair in a goose down and pillows. There were several heavy tooth marks on the necks of the two, because he and I saw that there was Byt too much.care


Time has returned to now, I also think of that matter, scared and Gu Chen looked at it

"Stop the surgery right away, the child will not fight anymore."

Before I slowed down, Gu Chen hugged me out of the operating room and went straight to the ward

I and I and I in the single ward. My mother went home and took me clothes for me


I slowed down and looked at him


"Let’s reunite"

WC, why is it so suddenly? When he broke up at the time, he mentioned it.

"Why? Isn’t it because of your breakup at that time?"

"I then … who asked you to walk with Lin Xuan together"

I watched him in doubt

"Lin Xuan? Is the Lin Xuan in our high school?"

Gu Chen nodded

"It was a girl who secretly loved a girl, a good friend with me, I taught him how to chase her, the assists, do not understand"

"You still kiss him"

I was shocked

"I said Gu Chen, don’t be wronged with good people, I don’t carry this pot, who has kissed him, who said?"

"Feng Xin"

"She believes in her words. Did you forget that the last high school she took the school flowers and school grass?"

"I really haven’t kissed?"

"Do not believe it down"

"Then let’s get married"

I slowly responded and said how to say how to say that then I was shocked and looked at Gu Chen

"You … what are you talking about?"

"Let’s get married. This time, a big oolong really dragged enough. In fact, I planned to propose to you next month, but …"

"Okay, get married.

As soon as the tail landed, a heavy kiss fell on my lips


Seven months after marriage, the child was born. He was a male baby. Gu Chen named Gu Zhen, and the name was Zhenzhen

After giving birth, Gu Chen simply quit his job at home to take care of me, and his thoughts were on me and Zhenzhen.

5 o’clock in the morning

"Daughter -in -law, wake up, it should be sucking, otherwise it will hurt if it will be blocked for a while."

At five o’clock every day, Gu Chen woke up on time to give breast milk. The breast pump was also the ultra -silent choice. Zhenzhen was born and sleeping as soon as he was born. With me, it would be hard like a stone if you did n’t suck.

I was sitting in his arms, and the rest were from Gu Chen

At eight o’clock in the morning, Gu Chen woke up from the refrigerator to take out the breast milk he sued in the morning to drink hot and hot, and his mother -in -law went to the square dance downstairs after making breakfast.


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