Epilepsy mother is pregnant smoothly, thanks to "it" to escort

Sudden consciousness is lost, the limbs are convulsive, mouth vomiting white foam … When it comes to "epilepsy", do you think of these?Because many female epilepsy patients are very concerned about pregnancy and children, can "epilepsy" be pregnant?Is it impact on the child for long -term medication for epilepsy?Perhaps this "epilepsy mother" childbirth journey can answer you!

Epilepsy mother is smooth pregnancy production

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Xiaoyun (pseudonym) was often unwilling because of her unwilling arms when she was 18 years old, and was diagnosed with "epilepsy". She usually needed to control it.The condition is well controlled, and there is no attack on daily life.At the age of 24, Xiaoyun got married.After her marriage, she wanted a healthy baby, but when she thought of having epilepsy, she was very worried about whether she could get pregnant normally, and she took antiepileptic drugs for a long time. She was even more worried about whether such drugs would lead to deformed children.With this anxiety, Xiaoyun came to the medical consultation outpatient consultation of pregnant women in the third hospital in Guangyi."Epilepsy can be pregnant, and you can’t stop the medicine casually." Pharmacist Mei Yan told Xiaoyun."You can use the medicine all the time. What should I do if there is a problem with the baby?" Mei Yan explained that there are many kinds of antiepileptic drugs, one of which is the most abnormally deformed nature of sodium propyate.The risk of abnormality, but the risk is smaller than sodium propyate, and there is a new type of anti -epilepsy drug, Zuo Yican’s teratogenicness is relatively low, but whether you can change this medicine needs to be evaluated according to the specific condition.Xiaoyun subsequently consulted the doctor in neurology. The doctor suggested that Xiaoyun regulates Katon Ping, and the condition control is stable. It is not recommended to change the medicine.Without changing medicine, can there be other ways to reduce the risk of teratogenic?"Really, taking folic acid during pregnancy can reduce risks, but it needs to be larger than the dose of ordinary pregnant women." Mei Yan Pharmacist said.After Mei Yan’s suggestion, Xiaoyun took 4mg of folic acid every day. After the folic acid was eaten for three months, Xiaoyun finally became pregnant as expected. She told the pharmacist for the first time, and the pharmacist told her to take precautions during pregnancy., And repeatedly instructed Xiaoyun to be checked on a regular basis. After three months of pregnancy, the dose of folic acid needs to be reduced to 0.8mg/day.On August 6, 2021, Xiaoyun’s daughter was born, a healthy baby, looking at the cute daughter.

Epilepsy women can also get pregnant normally

You need to pay attention to these medications!

Epilepsy is a chronic brain disease caused by a variety of causes. Because of excessive discharge of neurons in the brain, it can begin at any age and is the second largest common disease in the nervous system.Epilepsy has different types, mainly manifested as short limb convulsions, sensory abnormalities, conscious disorders, and mental disorders.Sudden consciousness loss of body twitching and spitting white foam is commonly known as "big attack".Drug treatment is the most routine treatment for epilepsy.Data show that patients with epilepsy have been treated with about 60%-70%after antiepileptic drugs.In addition to drug treatment, some patients with epilepsy can also choose surgical treatment and ketogenic diet therapy.Women of epilepsy are intended to prepare for pregnancy, and it is recommended to communicate with a specialist in advance to communicate the pregnancy plan to understand whether it is currently suitable for pregnancy.Because epilepsy people need to take long -term medication, the medication during pregnancy and feasibility period needs to be more cautious.

Precautions for medication during pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy include: 1. All women with epilepsy are recommended to supplement folic acid 0.4-0.8 mg/day during pregnancy; women who take Kazen Ping or propenate, 3 months before pregnancy, 3 months before pregnancyStart supplement folic acid, and recommend higher doses of folic acid (1-4mg/day). It has been taken until the entire early pregnancy, and it is changed to 0.8 mg/day after early pregnancy;Try to avoid the use of propyate; 3. Do not stop or change the dose of drugs by yourself because you worry about the impact of drugs on the fetus; 4. For patients who are using antiepileptic drugs, it is recommended for pre -delivery screening, regular checkup, monitoring, monitoringFetal development; 5. Since most of the antiepileptic drugs can be secreted by milk, but research has found that breastfeeding babies are smarter, so according to the mother’s breastfeeding willingness and the concentration of drugs in milk, choose whether to breastfeed.

Writing: Nandu reporter Li Chunhua Correspondent Mei Yan

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