Entering midsummer, easy to dry up and heat, remind you to eat more dishes, go to dry and fire, suitable for summer

The old saying "but the summer solstice is not hot." After the summer solstice, the stuffy and humidity became the norm, sweating with a little movement, and always dry mouth.Take care of appetite.

The best way to solve these small problems such as these tossed weather is diet. Not only should you drink plenty of water, but also eat more fresh and nutritious vegetables and fruits, especially targeted vegetables.

The artemisia, known as the "Emperor’s Cai", is very suitable. The special fragrance of Artemisia annua can promote appetite well, and it belongs to cold food. Eating in summer is good for reducing fire and drying. It will help sleep at night.It is the first choice of vegetables in the hot summer.

There are many ways to eat Artemisia annua, but the most recommended ones are steamed, wrapped in flour, fresh and fresh after steaming, the more they eat, the more fragrant.Share a method of steaming artemisia, learn to make it for family members, no one will refuse such delicious steamed vegetables.

The required ingredients: Artemisia, flour, corn noodles, green onions, garlic, raw soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sesame oil

1. Rinse the annua, cut the growth section, cut the shallots to cut the shallots, and peel the garlic to use.

2. Pour the oil in the pan, add the onion and fried onion fragrance. After the onion is slightly yellow, turn off the heat and cool the onion oil.

3. Take a bowl of flour and a bowl of corn surface, mix it together, sprinkle a spoonful of salt and a spoonful of thirteen incense, and stir well.

4. Pour the drying onion oil into the warm onion oil into the artemisia, stir well, and then pour the mixed flour with a small amount into the artemisia annua several times, and grab it evenly.

5. Put the wrapped mixed powder into the steamer paved with a cage cloth. After SAIC, steam for five minutes and turn off the heat.

6. Put the garlic and put it in a stone, add a little salt into garlic, put two spoons of raw soy sauce, a spoonful of incense vinegar, and add a spoonful of sesame oil to stir well to become garlic juice.

7. The steamed Artemisia annua shakes while it is hot. Put it in the plate to dip the garlic juice. It is fresh and refreshing, which is very appetizing.

When doing steamed Artemisia annua, if you feel that the pole of Artemisia annua is relatively thick, and it is unfavorable to eat, you can torn it out of the semi -semi -semi -cutting knife and steam it. If you buy it, it is relatively fresh.Do this.In addition, if you feel that fried onion oil is more troublesome, you can also pour two spoons of edible oil directly, but the taste is definitely not as good as adding cooked green onion oil.

I am a marketing notes for the market. A post -80s family "chef" has been fighting with the world for many years. It is still glory and full of interest!I like to focus on eating, drinking and playing with Le Shijing, and update the recipes and food fun daily, follow me, and share this world with you.


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