Emotional Q & A: How do I break up with my pregnant girlfriend?

My name is Liu Tao. Born in 1990, Lu Province was born in Pingyin. I talked about half a year of girlfriend pregnancy. I wanted to get married at home as soon as possible, but facing some difficulties, you give your idea.

Virtual chamber: Don’t worry, I will understand the situation first.Your education level?

Liu Tao: College.

Virtual chamber: What work, how much money does it make in January?

Liu Tao: The restaurant is the head of the shop, more than 7,000 January.

Virtual chamber: What does your parents do and how much annual income?

Liu Tao: Mother is full of full -time at home. His father works at the construction company.

Virtual chamber Bai: What about brothers and sisters?

Liu Tao: There is another brother.

Virtual chamber’s white: Family conditions are average, and they will live by themselves in the future.Do you have your own wedding room?

Liu Tao: The new house built at home.

Virtual chamber: How many deposits are there now?

Liu Tao: No deposit.

Virtual chamber Bai: You have been working for three or four years. Is there no deposit?

Liu Tao: How much is a bit, it is just a few thousand dollars.

Virtual chamber’s white: Where did you spend money on work in these years?

Liu Tao: Basically spend it for his girlfriend.

Virtual chamber: Didn’t you talk about it for half a year, how can you spend your money?

Liu Tao: All I earned was handed over to my dad.

Virtual chamber Bai: How do you know about it?

Liu Tao: She met in my shop.

Virtual chamber: How old is she?

Liu Tao: I am 3 years old, 93 years.

Virtual chamber: a place in a place?

Liu Tao: No, my family is from rural, and her family is in Ningyang County.

Virtual chamber raw white: What is the relationship between the two?

Liu Tao: Very good, I love her very much and want to marry her.

Virtual chamber: How long have a girlfriend pregnant?

Liu Tao: It’s almost 1 month.

Virtual chamber’s white: Do parents know both sides?

Liu Tao: Hmm.

Virtual chamber: Her parents agreed with you to get married?

Liu Tao: All agreed, but her dad asked a bit high.

Virtual chamber white: How is the request high?

Liu Tao: Her dad asked 60,000 gifts and 140,000 cars and rooms.

Virtual chamber’s white: Isn’t it enough for car and houses to be 140,000, right?

Liu Tao: Her dad said that the car should buy 40,000 to 50,000, and the house paid a down payment in his county seat.

Virtual chambers of white: There is a car, and my daughter is convenient to see her parents.There is a house, at least there is a living security.What is your attitude?

Liu Tao: My dad said that he could take 80,000 at home. He could borrow the rest, but he couldn’t work for a few years, and he would have to pay it back in the future.

Virtual chamber: borrow it, you marry your daughter -in -law.

Liu Tao: But his dad gambling, let my family give him money directly.

Virtual rooms: Her dad is a murderer. If you want to marry someone’s daughter, you have to give others a certain life security.Was your family willing, can’t get money?

Liu Tao: Can’t get out.

Virtual chamber Biography: If you do n’t buy the car, buy a house first, and you can buy a small house for 80,000.

Liu Tao: I mean, you can give money, but you can’t give his dad.

Virtual chamber Bai: Give only gifts, is her family willing?

Liu Tao: I have been talking now, so I want you to make your idea.

Virtual chamber Bai: To what extent is the two discuss?

Liu Tao: Always stiff.

Virtual chamber: Her dad gambling again, not selling daughters, let your dad borrow it, and then pay back.

Liu Tao: But I don’t want to bear so much debt.

The virtual chamber is white: then what do you want to ask me.

Liu Tao: Can I let my girlfriend kill the child, break up directly, forget the past, and find someone again?

Virtual chamber: I have heard a very beautiful poem: outside the long pavilion, the edge of the ancient road, and the grass.

Liu Tao: Is it Bi Lian, right?

Virtual chamber: Do you still have a face?

When a man really fell in love with a woman, there were only three words in your eyes: together.He will prepare for the two together, whether it is the abyss or the bottomless hell, he will go hand in hand with the girl.Love does not require moral abduction. No one says that in love. When you are pregnant, you must be together.It is a good thing to get married.Don’t fall in love, breaking up is also a good thing.The terrible thing is that you obviously don’t love her and marry her under pressure. Can she be happy with a husband who doesn’t love herself?Will you be happy if you marry a woman who do not love?

You make a decision earlier and tell the girl: My parents do not agree, the family conditions are not allowed, and I don’t love you so much. You hit the child.

You get you out of your fetus.

Liu Tao: I told my girlfriend yesterday and asked her to beat the child.She said she would not marry me, and gave birth to the child.

The virtual chamber is white: You said that you love this girl and want to marry others. You are constantly installing*to prove how much you love girls and make girls illustrate: This man loves me very much, and I am willing to persist for love.But you don’t love her, it is a good thing to break up early.Being a bitch also stands on the archway, you are a bit lacking.

Liu Tao: Then you see if you do this, I have been dragging, anyway, my girlfriend’s belly is big every day, her family is anxious, I am not in a hurry, I can’t wait for her house to wait.

Virtual chamber: I cmn!I have seen a lot of shameless ones. I have never seen you as shameless.Can’t be a husband and wife, a friend, a friend, and a passerby. Is it necessary to become an enemy?If you do n’t love others, you ca n’t marry others. He is straightforward to break up, let people beat the children, and it ’s over without hurting others.Why do you drag people, don’t you lack virtue?A man can’t give a woman happiness, don’t hurt women?

Liu Tao: I said something wrong just now, said I was missing, I mean …

Virtual chamber Bai: Don’t say it.You are 27 years old this year, I am 30 years old. I care about your uncle as an uncle!Uncle, you are doing well, hurry up and tell the girl to break up, and get the production early.If you are willing to come out, you do n’t want to come out.The abortion month is large, and a woman may lead to alids and life -threatening.No matter how young she is, no matter how beautiful, she can’t give birth to a child.

Some people say that women’s hearts are like pear hearts, and men eat from outside, they are sweet. When they eat their hearts, they are sour and throw them directly. The man will never understand the woman’s heart.Women want to know the heart of a man, just like peeling onions, always crying, and finally discovered: I can, how can a man feel attentive.

Women must learn to be grateful. Thank you for the men who break up with you. They let you understand what a man is, what is responsibility, what is deception, and what is harm. Thank you for giving you a chance to find realMan who loves you.

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