Emergency contraception!Those you may want to know about "Yuting" …

Author: Li Qian, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University of the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Society

Yuting with the name of the product is the most common emergency contraceptive pill on the market. The common name is Zuo Nuo Gactone. It is a type that can provide women safely to prevent non -willing pregnancy after the failure of sexual life or other contraceptive measures.Acute oral contraceptives.

Within 72 hours without protective sexual life or contraception, the earlier, the better the effect of preventing pregnancy, the better the pregnancy.

But you still have such concerns about it, so we answered the 2010 WHO statement to answer them one by one.

1. How does the Zuo Norourone Monopuradist Emergency contraceptive play a contraceptive effect?

As a high -efficiency progesterone, Zuo Nuo Gauge has two effects of contraception.

One is to inhibit ovulation.If sexual behavior occurs before ovulation, then large doses of progesterone can inhibit ovulation. When a semen is ejected, no ovulation during sperm survival can play a contraceptive role.Take an emergency contraceptive pill, which can only delay ovulation and cannot inhibit ovulation for a long time.After 3 days of drug metabolism, the follicles will continue to develop.

Another role is to prevent sperm from entering the uterine cavity and eggs.Large doses of progesterone can change the nature of cervical tubular mucus, and the cervical tubular mucus becomes viscous, preventing the entry of sperm, thereby playing a contraceptive role.After sexual life occurs in ovulation, this role is the main contraceptive effect.However, the failure rate of taking emergency contraceptives after ovulation is relatively high.

2. Is the contraceptive effect of Zuo Norourone Morning Afmethyst Emergency Contraceptive Pill?

The cost of contraceptives based on the emergency contraceptive pill is 85%, which is lower than short -acting contraceptives and condom contraception.And emergency contraceptives, as a post -to -after, short -acting, temporary contraceptive method, have a short results.

It can only have contraceptive effects on sexual life within 72 hours before the medication. If there is a second unprotected sex life, you should take the medicine again.

3. Is there a safe contraceptive pill for left auraineer single agent?

The active ingredients of Zuo Nuo Nonone as a contraceptive pill have been widely used for more than 30 years to prove that it is safe.WHO recommends emergency contraception within 120 hours after the unprotected sex life is recommended.Repeated use is not obviously dangerous for health, nor did it report that more serious reactions were reported in a monthly cycle.

4. What are the adverse reactions?

Zuo Noroperine Meridone Single Emergency contraceptives have no serious and lasting adverse reactions, generally mild and short -term.Possible adverse reactions have changed menstruation. Most of them are manifested as the monthly or postponed menstruation of the month of the medicine. Irregular bleeding, also reports of fatigue, abdominal discomfort and nausea.

5. Does it increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy?

Based on 23 published research, 216 pregnancy failed to fail after the emergency contraceptive pill was used with left apertophylls, and its ectopic pregnancy incidence was 0.9%, which was lower than the expected 1%.That is to say, the emergency contraceptive pills of Zuo Noroperone Mergoreus will not increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

6. Will it affect future fertility?

Solitterone single -agitating emergency contraceptives have no effect on future fertility.

7. Is it harmful to the fetus and whether it will cause abortion?

Even if the emergency contraceptive is taken by the left in the left, the emergency contraceptive is not harmed to the embryo. Compared with the abortion rate, the birth weight, the birth defect, and the gender ratio of the unused drug, it will not cause abortion.

8. Suggestions on contraception

Although the emergency contraceptive pill is used to take left apertophyllone single agent, it does not cause abortion and has no effect on the future fertility.Short -acting oral contraceptives, etc., because contraceptives are more effective or can prevent disease transmission at the same time.

First instance expert: Yan Jiajia, First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University of Pharmaceutical Society

Expert of Second Trial: Chen Jie, Affiliated to the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University of Pharmaceutical Society

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