Elementary student’s work "Pregnancy", netizens: It’s so cute, teacher: Yes, a strong sense of responsibility

When Grandpa was still alive, the wind and rain of this world bypassed me and tilted to him alone.This is a widely circulated work on the Internet. The name is "Grandpa". There is no gorgeous language, nor is it a word bead, but it becomes missing and missing Grandpa’s departure, but Grandpa is in the wind and rain.The figure of the top of the sky must not be shaken; there is no one to come to the Japanese side, nor is it a width, but just one side of the sky.

Children can always see the world we can’t see with clear eyes, as Picasso said: "Every child is an artist. The question is how you continue to maintain the spirituality of the artist when you grow into an adult."

Children’s unique innocence sometimes makes us think deeply. Sometimes it will make us cry and laugh. Let’s take a look at the works of several students:

Because I saw my mother’s hard work, I couldn’t bear it, so I wrote a letter to the mother who had not returned late at night. More than a hundred words will be fully carried out of the mother’s concern and distress.of.

There is such a famous saying: "Of course, women are fragile, but the mother is strong."

The strength of the mother comes from the child’s feedback.

Primary school students told him that he would get pregnant. He believed that he was true. When he was eating, he didn’t pay attention to the dog who was raised. It was very coincidentally that the dogs at home were just raising a puppy in a few months.

The child thought the dog at home was pregnant, so he vowed inside and was responsible.

When many people see it, they want to laugh, and they are also sure.

"Poor three generations" is an old saying. As long as you work hard to change. Through the efforts of several generations, the fate of a family will change, but the child’s unique idea gives another explanation, because the third generation has already been poor to the third generation.There is no money to marry a daughter -in -law, so there is no fourth generation.It’s really okay after reading it, haha.

The problem of confusing generations was resolved.

This misunderstanding is big, and I don’t know if I really forget it.

Looking thoroughly for today’s society, I also understand the masterpieces.

To sum up, the child’s thinking is strange, not to make you move to tears, so you can laugh at crying, and use their way of thinking to let us see a different world.

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