Eight weeks of pregnancy should not be the baby’s hurdle

Some time ago supported resistance, many people obediently were separated from their own home.The consequence is that many chefs have been created, and many "villains" are also created.So recently, the pressure of obstetrics and gynecology may be slightly stronger, but it is also a few people who are happy.Thinking of some experience in the early pregnancy, I will share with the expectant mothers who are anxious about early pregnancy.

It was an accident in the early pregnancy and at the beginning of the year. Because there was no defense, I realized that I was pregnant when I was bleeding from abdominal pain.According to the last menstrual period, at 7 weeks+5, the B -ultrasound has not yet seen fetal buds. The gynecological doctor believes that the embryo is not developing well and it is recommended that abortion surgery.

Although I am a doctor, Chinese medicine doctors and obstetrics and gynecologists are really "separated like mountains."I do know very little about the knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology.When the doctor suggested the flow of people, although the surface is calm, the heart is already full of tears.

However, thanks to the indifference and "harmony" mentality of Chinese medicine, it coincides with the Lunar New Year, and I decided to let it go naturally: if the embryo is not good, it will naturally abortion. If the embryo is fine, it will grow naturally.

It turns out that the difference of thoughts has preserved a life.After the New Year, the B -ultrasound was reviewed at 9 weeks.It’s just that the age of the embryo is somewhat different from the B -ultrasound.

Think about each time the ovulation period is calculated, it is always different from the average person. The ovulation period is relatively backward, and it is relieved.The time when ovulation is late, naturally conceive, and bed, it cannot be calculated according to the last menstrual period.

The human body is very mysterious. Even if medicine is developed, no one dares to say "I have thoroughly studied the human body."Babies are not lathe parts, and it is impossible to fully follow the book. When it is 8 weeks of pregnancy, it must reach the volume of the fetus.Individual differences are unpredictable.The growth process will be different.

In any case, I firmly believe that since the baby comes, it will definitely grow strongly.

Most mothers in early pregnancy are more anxious.This is related to the increased level of hormones and the psychological preparations for facing the baby.There are also some expectant mothers, because of repeated miscarriage and other factors, fearing that the baby is coming and leaving; some expectant mothers are afraid that the baby will not be healthy and smart.These have led to the anxiety of expectant mothers early pregnancy.

However, anxiety often reduces our ability to judge.There is less anxiety and more attentive. In fact, some problems can be judged by yourself.

There is a friend who has not seen fetal heart buds at 8 weeks of pregnancy. B -ultrasound reminds non -ectopic pregnancy.The doctor also gave the abortion suggestion.However, this friend asked several obstetrics and gynecologists, saying that the doubling of human choricular gonad hormone has doubled, but it looks less than the corresponding gestational week.

The friend was in his own heart, carefully considering, considering that although he was usually accurate for menstruation, he went out for a long time around 1 month before pregnancy. He ran back and forth. His emotional tension may cause menstrual disorders.In the past, menstruation was delayed.I heard that the level of hormones does not match, but it is doubling well. Finally, I decided to bet and take another two weeks.

As a result, it was checked at 10 weeks of pregnancy. The hormone level was very good and the baby was also very good. It seemed that it was more than 3 weeks worse than the pregnancy weeks calculated according to the last menstrual period.

Now that the baby is almost 1 year old, when it comes to this, friends are extremely fortunate to have a difference.

First of all, we must think about our usual menstruation.Calculate this situation according to the last menstrual period, suitable for people who usually have a very periodic menstruation.If menstruation is usually not allowed, or friends who have menstrual disorders with a little wind blowing, generally cannot accurately infer the pregnancy week according to the last menstruation.

Second, pay attention to changes in hormone levels.The level of hormone here mainly refers to the value and double the value of human chorionic gonad hormones.To some extent, the value of hormones indicates the size of the gestational week, and the doubling of the hormone indicates whether the baby’s development is normal.

If the hormone value does not conform to the gestational week, then it is likely that your ovulation and conception is indeed irregular and cannot be inferred by common sense.

If the hormones are doubled, it is prompted that the baby is trying to grow, and don’t kill him easily.If the hormones are doubled, then it is possible that the baby may not develop well or have problems with embryos, then please do not insist on protecting the fetus.

Third, bleeding is not necessarily abortion.A small amount of bleeding will occur naturally.In addition, if the level of hormones is low, when you want to protect the fetus, the Chinese medicine for the preservation of the tire of the Western Medicine must not be eaten randomly.Essence

Eight weeks of pregnancy should not be simply used as a hurdle to judge the baby’s life and death, put aside anxiety, and carefully checked themselves, so that the baby comes healthier and happier.

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