Eight ovulation -promoting medicines!This "pregnancy" gives you?

On November 25th, a woman in Zhengzhou, Henan Province held an ultrasonic examination at the Department of Reproductive Medicine at the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University (Henan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital).

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As soon as the news came out, some netizens pointed out: Natural pregnancy is extremely rare. This is taken by taking ovulation -promoting drugs.

I have to say that netizens are the truth. According to videos shot by local media in Henan, the pregnant woman said that she was originally treated with irregular menstruation and took some ovulation -promoting drugs during the treatment.I was wrong with Babu.In this regard, doctors suggest that it is best to kill all, or perform tire reduction.

I guess this pregnant woman uses the legendary Daizi pill -Cromen.Cromifen was originally a very classic ovulation -promoting drug, but the disadvantages can induce the development of multiple follicles and cause multiple pregnancy.

Generally speaking, this drug is used in some women with ovulation disorders, such as polycysts, and irregular follicle development, but must go to a regular reproductive department to apply and closely monitor ovulation.

Ovulation monitoring must be performed after applying ovulation -promoting drugs. Usually, B -ultrasound monitoring follicle development or determining basic body temperature after the 12th day of the cycle, to understand the effect of ovulation promotion, understand ovarian response, to guide the same room, or avoid multi -fetal pregnancy.And ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome.

However, it must be explained that ovulation -promoting drugs are a very dangerous drug. It does contribute to the treatment of female infertility, but it is not a panacea. It must be used under the guidance of a doctor. Women preparing for pregnancy must not be taken without authorization.

Ovaement drugs represented by Cromifen, commonly known as "Magoto Pills", commonly known as "multi -child pills".Ovulation -promoting drugs are indeed effective for infertility, but they cannot be abused, otherwise the side effects of ovation -promoting drugs will occur, which will have an impact on their ovarian health:

It will lead to abnormal ovulation and multi -fetal pregnancy of women of childbearing age, and multi -fetal pregnancy itself is high -risk pregnancy, which will increase the abortion rate of pregnant women by 10%compared with normal pregnancy, increase the premature birth rate by 20%, the fetal mortality rate is as high as 135 ‰, and it is easy to cause the maternal fetusEarly membrane breaks, pregnancy hypertension, anemia, and major bleeding during the birth, causing the proportion of multi -femininity to women’s intellectual development and deformity.

Take ovulation -promoting drugs without authorization may produce excessive ovarian stimulation syndrome. A large amount of ovulation excessively stimulate ovarian endocrine; ovulation -promoting drugs can cause the permeability of whole body blood vessels, water penetration into the blood vessels, resulting in high blood concentration and blood vessel embolism.Those who take medicine may be killed for this.

Generally, women of childbearing age may have adverse reactions such as lower abdomen pain, breast swelling and pain, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, rash, blurred vision.

Especially for women without ovulation disorders, not only will they not give birth to "twins", but also due to the hormone levels that affect the body, leading to dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, etc.It even caused the side effects of serious ovulation drugs such as cardiopulmonary dysfunction, blood concentration, and liver function damage.

In summary, there are many side effects of ovulation -promoting drugs. Women preparing pregnant women must be used under the guidance of a doctor under the guidance of a doctor without ovulation disorders.as a result of.

If you want to worry about using ovulation -promoting drugs once, there are many health risks for subsequent mothers and infants. There are 8 pregnant women’s gestational sac, of which 4 have seen fetal heart buds, indicating that it is already a small life.Even if all 8 are survived, the risk of the future is not small:

Multi -fetal pregnancy is extended during complications during pregnancy, and the time to be hospitalized before childbirth. At the same time, the proportion of cesarean section of multi -fetal pregnancy pregnant women is also significantly higher than that of a single pregnancy pregnant woman.%, The increase in medical expenses produced by pregnant women.

The costs of support and education of multiple children have doubled; long -term complications such as cerebral palsy, intellectual disorders, deformities and disability have far -reaching complications, and their care, treatment, and nursing are even more heavy burdens of family and society.

It can be said that the abuse of ovulation -promoting drugs is one of the most common causes of medical deeds.At present, some people still don’t know enough about multiple pregnancy. I think it is more than a child and a blessing.As everyone knows, the risks behind them are unbearable!

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