Eight attention of patients with hyperthyroidism and fertility

For modern people, hyperthyroidism belongs to a common disease, and it occurs mostly in female friends. It is most commonly concentrated in women aged 20-40. Among them, women are most common in childbearing age.Investigations have shown that hyperthyroidism will seriously affect the problem of women’s pregnancy and fertility. Hyperthyroidism has a certain probability that it will lead to infertility in women, and the probability of hyperthyroidism in women who are already pregnant is greatly increased.

Is there any adverse effect on hyperthyroidism on pregnant women and fetuses? Let’s let our experts ask 8 precautions that should pay attention to this issue on this issue. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1 Note that hyperthyroidism is related to female infertility: Light, medium, and severe hyperthyroidism will affect women’s fertility function, and the infertility rates are 6.3%, 23%, and 88.8%, respectively.

2 Pay attention to the choice of pregnancy time: Before the hyperthyroidism is cured, it is usually not suitable for pregnancy. Unexplained hyperthyroidism will increase the risk of abortion, premature birth, dead tires, and placenta in pregnancy.

3 Pay attention to the treatment of unexpected pregnancy: If the patient is pregnant accidentally during hyperthyroidism, the condition is severe, cardiovascular complications, and within 3 months before the drug treatment during pregnancy, doctors generally recommend that patients to terminate pregnancy.

4 Note that the choice and maintenance of anti -nor nomidic drugs during pregnancy: Female patients can tolerate mild hyperthyroidism during pregnancy. If the disease is mild, it may not be treated with anti -thyroid drugs.

5 Note the dose of hyperthyroidism drugs: to reach and maintain the upper limit of the normal value of serum FT4 within the normal value as much as possible

6 Pay attention to monitoring the thyroid function of pregnant women: In the early stage of treatment of hyperthyroidism during pregnancy, the thyroid function should be checked every 2 to 4 weeks, which can be extended to 4 to 6 weeks later.

7 Pay attention to the time difference between taking medicine and breastfeeding: Patients with hyperthyroidism can breastfeed after childbirth.

8 Pay attention to the screening of neonatal thyroid function: Newborns of hyperthyroidism pregnant women need to check whether there are hypothyroidism, thyroid gland, and hyperthyroidism.

The above 8 o’clock is 8 points that need to be paid attention to when pregnancy and fertility of hyperthyroidism. Especially if you find that there are hyperthyroidism before conception, it is recommended to treat it in time.Everyone is treated in a timely manner, and it is recommended to do pre -pregnancy examinations when they are going to be pregnant. Eugenics are not only responsible for themselves and their families, but also responsible for newborns.

If you find an accidental pregnancy, and the pregnant person also has hyperthyroidism, then it is recommended that you seek medical treatment in time to determine the condition of the condition to see if it is suitable for continuing childbirth.Select correctly.

Hyperthyroidism not only has an impact on women’s fertility, but also affects the patient’s nervous system and digestive system, which can cause patients to be irritable, lose their temper, excitement, and increase meal.It is recommended to do related examinations. Early treatment of hyperthyroidism is the key.Finally, I hope that patient friends can recover soon.

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