Edema during pregnancy is very torment, "3 reasons, 4 relief methods", pregnant mothers need to understand

About 75%of pregnant mothers will encounter edema during pregnancy. As the baby’s development in the stomach may get up one morning and find that she has a big circle.Don’t panic, this is edema during pregnancy.

Many pregnant mothers have general edema in the middle and late pregnancy, and the edema of hands and feet is more obvious. A pit will appear gently.Edema can make pregnant mothers more torment during pregnancy, what are the causes of edema?How to relieve edema?

Fenfen is a quasi -mother of 34 weeks of pregnancy. He upgraded to be a mother at the age of 35. Fenfen’s life and physical change were always followed by the family.

The morning before the morning, Fenfen felt that the hands and feet were swollen and swollen slightly before, but the sudden swelling was even greater.Press it with your hands and recover for a while.Fenfen, who didn’t quite understand what happened, told his family that her husband took Fenfen to the hospital in the afternoon.The doctor said, "This is edema during pregnancy, don’t worry, just pay attention to rest."

Most of the pregnant mothers during pregnancy will occur early or late.Edema plagues many pregnant mothers, but not every pregnant mother will have edema, causing edema three reasons:

① endocrine

After pregnancy, the endocrine of the pregnant mother changes, the increase in estrogen, and the increase of aldehyde solid ketone, resulting in water and sodium retention in the body, and edema.

② Blood capacity

After pregnancy, the blood capacity of pregnant mothers increases, and most of the increased is body fluid, not red blood cells.These body fluids enter the cells, which causes swelling.

③ Blood return

After pregnancy, with the increase of the uterus, the veins of the lower limbs are compressed, causing the blood flow of the lower limbs to be blocked and causing edema.

As the saying goes, "soldiers and horses are not moved, grain and grass first", for the edema that may occur during pregnancy, let’s learn 4 relief methods together.

① Rest

Pregnant mothers who have edema during pregnancy must ensure sufficient rest and sleep, do not be too nervous and tired, and do not stand or walk for a long time.Sitting can raise your legs and sleep at night to relieve edema.


Moderate exercise during pregnancy to improve blood circulation in legs and reduce edema.Such as walking, exercise during pregnancy.

③ wear

Tights can cause poor blood circulation in pregnant mothers and cause edema.Try to choose some loose and comfortable clothes and shoes, and do not wear socks with elasticity to press the ankle and calf.

④ diet

A reasonable diet can eliminate edema and balanced diet. Pay attention to 4 aspects of fried and difficult to digest: fried, dumplings, rice cakes, etc., which can easily cause bloating, make blood flow, and increase edema.Enough protein: 80-100g of protein per day of pregnancy, eat more eggs, milk, fish, pig blood, soy products, etc.Low salt diuretic: Eat milder, eat light in 6g every day; eat more diuretic foods, excrete water, such as pumpkin, winter melon, grapes, pineapple, etc.Eat more fruits and vegetables: Vegetables and fruits are conducive to urination and vitamins, and help the human body metabolism.

Edema is physiological and pathological, physiological is normal, and pathological edema should seek medical treatment in time.How to distinguish between the two?

① Physiological edema

It appears more on the ankle and knees, and the edema is relatively light.Press with your hands, sink the skin on the surface, and recover after a while.

Generally, getting up in the morning is not obvious, and edema is obvious before going to bed at night.This kind of physiological edema, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, they will slowly relieve themselves.

② pathological edema

Appears in multiple parts, such as lower limbs, abdomen, hands, face, etc.Press with your hands, the skin will fall, no elasticity, dark blue skin, etc.Pathological edema can also cause nerve compression, and in severe cases, it can also cause numbness and tingling fingertips.Most pathological edema is related to diseases during pregnancy and will affect the health of pregnant mothers and babies.

【Mom Sending】

Pregnant mothers guarantee that drinking 1200-1500ml of boiled water every day can promote metabolism and relieve edema during pregnancy.

【Topic today】

Some bitter things brought by edema during pregnancy.

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