Eating fruits during pregnancy is particular, do you see that you eat right?

Summer products are rich, and all kinds of fruits make people eat.However, there are also many pregnant mothers who have a strong awareness of health care and are quite restrained in front of the fruit.

"Watermelon and grapes are too sweet, it’s easy to grow meat, it’s best not to eat!"

"The dragon fruit is not very sweet, but also the laxative, eat the dragon fruit!"

"Durian is good. Eat two or three pieces every time, which should be less calories than eating watermelon."

"I have gestational diabetes, I can’t eat fruits, I must control myself!"

In fact, how to eat fruits, you need to figure out three points: what to eat, how much, and when do you eat?

1. What fruit to eat?

Does the fruit contain the more sweet sugar?If you don’t have a small amount of sugar, can you eat it open?it’s not true.The following table lists the sugar content of common fruits. If you look closely, it is not difficult to find that some of them are inconsistent with our common cognition.

It can be seen that the sugar content of watermelons, strawberries, grapes, apples, pears, peaches, etc. we often eat is less than 15%, which is relatively low; while litchi, bananas, mangosteen, pomegranate sugar content is relatively high.The durian, known as the "King of Fruit", has a sugar content of 28.3%.Pregnant mothers who like to eat fruits can refer to the sugar content and choose fruits you like to eat with low sugar content.

So, pregnant mothers with diabetes can not eat water?of course not!Here we need to let everyone know the other two concepts, one is the blood glucose index (GI), and the other is the blood glucose load (GL).

Blood glucose index (GI) refers to the relative ability of sugar sugar -containing foods to relatively elevated blood sugar levels compared with the degree of changes in the reference food (glucose or white bread).High GI foods can be rapidly decomposed in the digestive tract, resulting in rapid blood sugar increased in a short period of time.Low GI food stays in the gastrointestinal tract for a long time, and glucose is slowly released, which can avoid violent fluctuations such as blood sugar rise.For pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes, the stability of blood glucose is more beneficial than low and low.

Blood glucose load (GL) refers to the product of the blood glucose index of a certain food and its sugar content. It reflects the characteristics of the food itself and its glucose content on blood sugar.EssenceThe following form lists common fruits that have different influence on blood sugar.Therefore, when pregnant mothers eat fruits, they must pay attention to both the fruit blood glucose index (GI) and the blood glucose load (GL) to eat healthy.For pregnant mothers who have merged diabetes, they must be consumed reasonably with the advice of obstetricians and clinical nutritionists, and regularly monitor blood sugar.

2. How much fruit to eat?

If you choose to eat cherries, eat a pound at a time, okay?The sugar content of watermelon is low. Eat half at a time. Can it work?This is the question that needs to be answered next: How much fruit is suitable for eating?

The "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines" is clearly recommended: ingesting 200g to 350g of fresh fruits per day, and fruit juice cannot replace fresh fruit.Patients with gestational diabetes are recommended to consume 150g to 200g of fruits per day.Probably the amount of watermelon, one -flat strawberry, two -thirds of apples, half orange, a kiwi, etc.Therefore, no matter whether there is diabetes or not, the intake of fruits must be controlled.

3. When is it suitable to eat fruits?

Fruits after meals are the choice of many people.In fact, it is not recommended to eat fruits with dinner, which will increase the intake of sugar, increase blood sugar, and increase the burden on the pancreas.Therefore, it is generally recommended to consume fruits between two meals, hunger or physical activity as energy and nutritional supplements.

How to eat fruits during pregnancy, did expectant mothers learn?After studying carefully after learning, you will find that every kind of fruit you eat is "smart fruit".

Author: obstetrics Li Chenxing

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