Eat these 3 kinds of fruits as little as possible during pregnancy. Eating more is not good for the fetus. Don’t ignore the pregnant mother

Raising a child is never simple for a family, but what is not simpler is that the child is still in the mother’s belly, because children who are not born can not directly obtain nutrition or convey to the outside world by expressing expressions to the outside world.In the end, I am unhappy and unhappy, so I can only work hard to feel the children’s mood or provide them with a comfortable living environment.It is more stringent on what you eat, because of the reasons of pregnancy, the mothers are more picky about what they eat, and there are many types of foods they use. This leads toFor more and better nutrition, you need to eat a lot of foods you have not liked to eat.

But there are many novice mothers who feel that they can eat the fruits that do not have a physiological reaction. In fact, they have greatly harmed the children who are still in the mother’s belly.Although these fruits are rich in high -priced nutrition in daily life, this nutrition will not be absorbed by the babies, but it will cause great harm to the body. Today, I will introduce you to the pregnant woman in detail.The three fruits you eat are avoided by the novice mothers on this.

The first is hawthorn. As a kind of appetizing food, it is very popular with everyone, especially as mothers who are pregnant during pregnancy.The appetite is the same.So why can’t such good fruits be eaten by mothers?Because fruits such as hawthorn are very easy to cause pregnant mothers.Mainly because hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. This effect is usually very good for the human body, but if it is not placed on a pregnant woman, it will also be effective for the shrinkage of the uterus, which will cause pregnant women to produce abortionThe possibility, so this kind of fruit cannot be eaten, including his products and cannot eat it.

The second is citrus. Many people like to eat citrus. Citrus is a kind of warm -up fruit, but because of the temperature tonic, it must be restrained when eating.If you eat this fruit excessively, it is easy to get angry, which will cause damage to the oral cavity.When pregnant women eat this fruit, they will have a burden on their bodies, and in severe cases, they will affect children.

The third fruit is lychee. Generally, women will be hot after having children. At this time, if you eat a lot of lychee with large calories, it will cause the body to be unbearable.Mothers of sexual abortion are particularly easy to think that these fruits have fetal movements, which makes the fetus feel uncomfortable, causing unstable condition.

So what can I eat so much, what can I eat as a mother?Strawberries are fruits that mothers can eat when they have children, because it has the effect of cooling blood, which can make up for the fever of the mother during pregnancy.So as to reach a balance in the body.So pregnant people can eat more strawberries.At the same time, bananas, as a large amount of nutrients, are also a good choice.And bananas contain special substances to effectively alleviate the early pregnancy response of pregnant mothers, making the mothers’ mentality more peaceful.When choosing what you eat here, you must help your mother to make good choices so that it will not have a bad effect.

In fact, many of our common fruits belong to the attributes that can be supplemented with warmth, so when choosing a fruit during pregnancy, you must pay attention to selection. You must not give these foods to mothers to eat.At the same time, it is also important to pay attention to fruits that are easy to cause miscarriage.When choosing the food and fruits for the mother, you must find out the attributes and the side effects after consumption. This can ensure the safety of the child in the mother’s belly.

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