Eat more onions in autumn, anti -inflammatory and sterilization, eating like me is better than eating meat, fresh and crispy


Onion is one of the ingredients that we often eat in our daily life, and its nutritional value is high.Because it is very irritating when cutting it, and often crying, many people like to buy it.Now this season should eat more onions. Recently, the weather has changed suddenly. Many of the weak adults around them have begun to runny nose, so pay attention to the weather changes to add clothing.In addition to doing your homework on your clothes, you have to work hard.This season, the weather is dry, the body surface and the body are easy to dry, and the surface is moisturized, and the body eats a little moisturizing and hydrating. It is best to eat anti -inflammatory sterilization, such as onions.

Onion contains volatile sulfide, which can sterilize bacteriostatic.Because it eats slightly spicy and mild, it can diverge the cold and prevent colds.Of course don’t treat it as a medicine.This time I share a common practice with onion.Eating onions like this is better than eating meat. It is really fragrant if you eat it.Onion is the main material.It is also paired with green and red pepper, fungus, eggs, etc. These ingredients are very common in life, with high nutritional value. Although there is no meat, it is better than eating meat and having no burden on the body.

The method is very simple. Like the usual cooking, just handle it. Eat more onions in autumn.The taste is delicious, and the mouth is green and healthy.Friends who like it can collect it and do it when you are free.

【materials needed】

One onion, one green and red pepper, a handful of fungus, appropriate amount of garlic, appropriate amount of ginger, raw soy sauce, incense vinegar, pepper, salt, soy sauce, 2 eggs.

【Production steps】

1. Prepare a onion, cut it half and soak in salt water for ten minutes.Prepare one on the onions.

2. After soaking, cut it half and cut into small pieces.

3. Shake it into the plate.

4. Remove the rapeseed with green pepper, cut it half, and cut into the size of the onion.

5. Cut some garlic slices and ginger.

6. Adjust a juice.Put raw sauce incense vinegar into a bowl, add pepper and salt and soy sauce, and stir well for later use.

7. Eggs are stirred into a bowl and stir.Boil the oil in the pan, add the egg liquid in the oil heat, stir -fry it into pieces, and put it out for later use.

8. Pour the oil in the pan, heat the oil in the ginger.Fry the fragrance.

9. Pour the green and red pepper onion, wood, and red pepper, and stir fry a few times.

10. Then pour the ingredients adjusted in front.

11. Fry evenly, fry the fragrance, pour the fried eggs.

12. Stir -fry evenly and cook for another minute or two.


1. Do not season again when you are out of the pan. Add salt to the adjusted ingredients.

2. If you want to eat a bit of soft and rotten, you can add some water to boil for a while.

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