Early pregnancy, the confusing HCG

For pregnant people and IVF patients, the use of double bars with early pregnancy is the happiest thing for each prospective pregnant mother.As a result, many mothers quickly go to the hospital to check to confirm whether they are pregnant. At this time, doctors usually check "HCG" for everyone.

What is the normal value of HCG?When to check?

When there is no pregnancy, there should be no HCG in the body. The blood measurement of HCG should be <5IU/L, or it cannot be measured at all.On the 6th of the fertilized eggs (starting in bed), the fluff nourishing cells begin to secrete trace HCG. After 10 days of fertilization, HCG can be measured from the blood of the mother’s body, becoming the most sensitive method for diagnosis of early pregnancy.At this time, it is equivalent to 7.5 to 9.5 days after the ovulation LH peak, which is the period of embryonic implantation.

After the embryo bed, the HCG in the mother’s blood increased, the 8th week of pregnancy reached its peak, and then slowly maintained to the 12th week.

42 days before pregnancy, the B -ultrasound was not yet determined to be pregnant, but the measurement of HCG was possible.

After the 12th week, the HCG in the blood of the maternal blood dropped rapidly until the 18th to 20 weeks remained stable; the HCG concentration in the middle and late pregnancy was only 10%of the peak; it disappeared within 2 weeks after delivery.

If the HCG doubles is slow, it indicates that the ectopic pregnancy or the abnormal development of the embryo is slow.For example, today is 100 U/L, 150 U/L the day after tomorrow, and 170 U/L in 2 days. This HCG value must be abnormal, and the success rate of tire protection is extremely low.If the HCG value continues to decrease significantly, it indicates that the embryo has entered the stage of stopping development.

If HCG increases too fast, it means that there is a possibility of hydatidal tires, you must be tightly monitored.Of course, it may also be twins or polybs.

On the 6th day of fertilization, the nourishing layer of fertilized eggs forms and secretes a small amount of HCG.When the fertilization is 7-8 days, HCG can be detected in the blood, and its concentration increases with the increase of the gestational week.

The amount of HCG is directly proportional to the number of nourishing cells. In the early pregnancy secretion, the amount of secretion increase quickly, doubled in 48 hours, and the peak of 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. After 1-2 weeks, it dropped quickly to 10%of the peak.Check the blood HCG value at any time, it will double.

Generally speaking, HCG is more than doubled every 48 to 72 hours, indicating that the fluff activity is good.

Don’t panic!There may be the following points:

1. The embryo is late in bed;

2. Poor embryo quality;

3. Slow embryonic development;

4. The embryo stops developing.

You can only observe its changes before the diagnosis, so that the time to test the results.As long as the blood HCG is observed and maintains the original treatment.During this period, once vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain occurs, you should go to the hospital in time.

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