Early pregnancy of leucorrhea abnormalities

Prototal abnormalities are common symptoms of gynecological diseases. The abnormal situation of leucorrhea can reflect the disease to a certain extent. Therefore, leucorrhea abnormalities are important reference indicators in clinical diagnosis of gynecological diseases.In the early pregnancy, abnormal leucorrhea is not to be ignored. The following leucorrhea abnormalities in the following are common in the early stages of pregnancy:

1. Successive leucorrhea increases

The increase in leucorrhea is the main leucorrhea symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.The increase in leucorrhea is due to the act of estrogen in women’s body, the water and blood in the cervix and vaginal wall increased more than usual, and the number of leucorrhea naturally increases naturally.However, when the relatively serious leucorrhea increases and the color and state of the leucorrhea are not normal, it is suspected that there is a possibility of a gynecological inflammation, and pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination.

2, abnormally brown leucorrhea

The most dangerous thing in the early stages of pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy and abortion. During pregnancy, pregnant women are vulnerable to inflammatory infection. When these two cases occur, pregnant women will have abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, and abnormal leucorrhea.The leucorrhea is yellow -brown to consider the abnormal leucorrhea caused by inflammation. At this time, it is recommended that pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination, and then treat them in time according to the examination situation to prevent inflammation from affecting the fetus.

3. Abnormal leucorrhea bloodshot

Blood wire in the early stages of pregnancy may be a physiological cause or a pathological cause.Blood wire in the early stages of pregnancy can usually indicate that female reproductive organs have bleeding.For example, physiological and regular bleeding is menstruation.If sexual life is not controlled or unclean, do not pay attention to menstrual protection, excessive production, frequent abortion, and not treated in time after infection. Cervical injury and other factors during production and abortion can cause cervicitis.When pregnant women have this situation, it is checked and treated in time to avoid affecting the fetus.

4. The leucorrhea is abnormally yellow

In the early stages of pregnancy, leucorrhea yellow is usually caused by gynecological inflammation and cervical diseases. Normal leucorrhea is white, transparent and tasteless. If the color or abnormal characteristics appear, there are many pathogenic bacteria that cause infections, but there are many different pathogenic bacteria.The treatment of pathogenic bacteria is also different. It needs to be clinically checked to confirm the diagnosis.In the early stages of pregnancy, leucorrhea yellow is generally inflammation of gynecological inflammation.After pregnancy, the secretions increase, so it is necessary to change the underwear in diligence.

Early pregnancy is the critical period of pregnant women throughout pregnancy, and any disease may hurt the fetus.Therefore, if the pregnant woman finds that the leucorrhea is abnormal at this time, they cannot take it lightly. They should go to the hospital in time for the relevant examination for diagnosis, and treat reasonable treatment under the guidance of a doctor to avoid affecting the fetus as much as possible.

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