Early development base in the Yangpu District community in the community starts to escort the health of children

On the morning of June 18, the theme event of "Medical House and Health E Road" was held at the East Palace Culture Center.Childlike dance performances, humorous and humorous sketches, testing of the knowledge of novice dad … wonderful performances and lively interactions have attracted many residents in Yangpu District to come to the scene to witness the highly anticipated communities.Early early base was launched.

It is reported that this event is hosted by the Yangpu District Health Commission, the District Federation of Trade Unions, and the District Disabled Persons’ Federation, the district education bureaus, the district women and children committees, the early development base of Yangpu District (hereinafter referred to as the "children’s early base"), the district maternal and child health careHosted by the hospital (institute) invited the leaders of the municipal and district departments, and the children of children, kindergarten teachers, and parent representatives from the community health service centers.

This event happened to meet the annual Father’s Day. Many novice dad brought his wife and Mengwa to the event site, while listening to the relevant situation of the early childhood base of the "home door", while signing up to participate in the scene.Competition of health knowledge.The activity was cooperated with two dads to describe through the limbs, and speculation, such as "listening to fetal heart", "digital fetal movement", "baby touch" and other professional vocabulary.

Mr. Yang of the champion group told reporters after the event that, as a dad of a two -year -old child, he felt extremely excited and happy. "I did not live with Father’s Day as my father before.And I won the prize through hard work. I feel very happy. In addition, I just heard about the introduction of the community morning base base. I want to say that I really thank you very much.There are places to ask for guidance to help us take care of our children better and scientifically. "In addition, Mr. Cai, who came to the scene with his wife 17 weeks of pregnancy, said," For the upcoming little life, the whole family is the family.I look forward to it. I will become a father soon. In addition to the preparation of materials and the work of knowledge reserves, I will not have less knowledge of knowledge. After I heard that the community has a early childhood base, I immediately scan the code to join, brush all kinds of training and education, let me let me let me make meThere is also more confidence and confidence in identity change. "

In addition to children’s parents, the kindergarten teachers in the area are also looking forward to the early base base.Cao Jun from Dazhu Mountain Kindergarten said in an interview: "As a health teacher, we take health classes for children in the kindergarten and convey some concepts about health. More importantly, we hope that professional institutions will give us greater support and guarantee.The information we spread is more scientific. At the same time, we hope that they can build a platform and window to guide the whole society to pay attention to children’s health and participate in the early childhood cultivation process. "

"It is hoped that after the starting meeting of various communities, after the launch meeting, the community children’s health service process is continuously optimized, the service management of the entire child health care process of the community, and consolidating the entire chain children’s health service system.Healthy lifestyle, improve the health literacy of children and their caregivers, the ability to monitor and manage the family self -health, and take the realization of the health rights and interests of children to the health of children. "Chen Fenghua, director of the District Health and Health CommitteeAt the launching ceremony of the morning base.

At the event site, the sketch performance "Xiangxiang’s Troubles" meticulously portrayed the worries and helplessness of the novice mother "Bai Xiangxiang" when encountering parenting problems.In New World, the emergence of Yangpu District community early base has made "looking for community doctors" a new choice.

"Our original early childhood development base was not all community health service centers. With the official release of today’s launching ceremony, we will incorporate all the community health service centers in Yangpu District into it, further expanding our early early early morningThe coverage of the base. Let every child parent can seek professional parenting guidance and help at the "door of the house ‘." Peng Hua, director of the Yangpu District Maternal and Child Health Hospital (institute), said in an interview.With the formal held of the launching ceremony, the early base of the "home door" interpreted in the sketch will land at each community health service center in Yangpu District to provide a full range of parenting problems in the family in the whole society.

The reporter learned at the scene that the staff of the subsequent morning base will also plan to launch more sketches with the theme of "white incense" character IP.Essence

For more than three years, Yangpu District Children’s Early Development Base focused on the purpose of "Xiang Yang and Shengpu Hu Sheng", with the goal of promoting the healthy growth of children in the region, and carried out a series of mass science popularization activities: "Beautiful vision to protect the young "eye health publicity and intellectual competition activities, the" children’s diet contest … the children’s diet contest … every event with the "you co -love you with you from the stars" activity, scientifically disseminate nutritional knowledgeCarry out online and offline synchronization, and more than thousands of people have watched and participated. Based on the concept of popularization of popular science, the official WeChat public account ("Yangpu Children’s Early Development Base") has nearly 2Thousands of people are concerned. The platform regularly pushes the parenting guidelines, parent -child companionship games, popular science propaganda, children’s health columns, and health questionnaires.A total of more than a thousand people watched the activities, and continuously implanted the knowledge of health science popularization and family self -health management into the grassroots and families.

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