During the pregnancy, most of the reactions in women are pregnant. Congratulations in advance

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Many husbands and wives start to prepare for pregnancy shortly after marriage, but because they are not clear, they will be in a state of ignorance.Some women do not know because they have no experience and do not know enough.There is a friend who is pregnant during pregnancy and does not know.Go to the temples in the mountains with your family and ask for a child.When I went home in the evening, I bleed slightly. I went to the hospital for examination to know that I was pregnant. After that, I had a fetus. Fortunately, nothing happened.

Yes, in the early stages of pregnancy, the embryo is particularly fragile, and it may have a miscarriage if you care about it.So we need to know what reactions will occur if you are pregnant.And sometimes the test strips cannot be measured, so you need to observe the reaction by yourself to make a judgment.

If you are preparing for pregnant women, most of the reactions are already pregnant, I hope you are among them.

Example delay

If the period is delayed during pregnancy, it may be pregnant.Because menstruation will be discontinued after pregnancy.At this time, women will ask questions. I often postpone the holidays and have nothing to do with pregnancy.That may not be. During the pregnancy, whether it is a normal or abnormal woman, as long as it is postponed, you must first consider whether you are pregnant.

There is a woman abroad that I realized that she was pregnant until she gave birth.Because although menopause was discontinued during the period, I didn’t pay attention.Although it is safe to give birth to a baby, it is still surprising. If something happens in case, it will be in danger of the life of the mother.And if the fetal development is deformed, how should this be good?Therefore, when a pregnant woman is postponed, first of all, it is necessary to consider whether it is pregnancy.

Drowsiness, lazy

If the pregnant woman appears drowsiness and laziness, most of them are pregnant.Because in the early stages of pregnancy, the embryo was very small.But the mother has changed quietly, especially endocrine.In some changes in endocrine, at this time, the mother will have a state of sleepy, lack of energy, and drowsiness.So when these situations occur, don’t doubt yourself so lazy recently, but may get pregnant.Go to the hospital as soon as possible to check the results and pay attention to rest.

Loss of appetite

After pregnancy, most of them will have loss of appetite and vomiting.This is because after pregnancy, luteum secretion causes the body function to decrease, and it will also affect digestive function.At the same time, progesterone can also lead to increased body temperature.Therefore, when a pregnant woman has a loss of appetite, she must also consider whether she is pregnant.If so, congratulations in advance.

Frequent urine

Many people are puzzled by this. Isn’t urination?In fact, not only that, there will also be frequent urination in the early pregnancy.This is because the blood flow increases after pregnancy, which causes pressure on the kidneys, which leads to an increase in urine.In addition, in the early stages of pregnancy, the congestion of the uterus becomes larger, which will compress the bladder and cause frequent urination.Therefore, when pregnant women are prepared, they may be pregnant when they realize frequent urination.

Netizens, what reactions do you have when you were pregnant?


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