During the new type of pneumonia, can you go to the delivery inspection during the checkup, what should I do?

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Recently, I have received a message from many pregnant mothers. In the special period of new pneumonia, can the checkups still be done?It is a problem for many pregnant mothers.

@If you have only been seen at the beginning: cough for a few days, cough have yellow sputum, sputum, and coughing the abdomen, what to do, I plan to go to the hospital tomorrow, and I am afraid that there are many viruses in the hospital.

@小: 37 weeks+, after three days, I have to go to the birth checkup. If I was inspected in the comprehensive hospital, would it be better to go to the maternal and child health care hospital for inspection?

@: There are still 20 days in the due date. It is said that letting you check the fetal position and choose the method of childbirth. I dare not go out in these two days.

@: I have a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound on February 7th. Now I am very panicked. Go to do it. The hospital staff is complicated. Do n’t go. This is the best time. I don’t know what to do.Essence

Yesterday, the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a "new guidelines for prevention of pneumonia infected with new coronary virus infection", which is related to the relevant content of pregnant women’s birth and home protection.

Maternal mothers are special groups, with low immunity, and also involved babies, so in this special period, they naturally pay more attention than ordinary people.Regarding the maternal inspection of maternity, the inspection of different groups, the suggestions of the CDC are as follows.

If the pregnant woman in the early pregnancy has been confirmed to be an in -palace pregnancy before, it can be observed at home with mild abdominal pain or a small amount of bleeding at home;Examination and exclude tire stop; if the amount of bleeding is increased, abdominal pain worsen, or if you have not done B -ultrasound to confirm the in -palace pregnancy before, you should call to consult the obstetrician and gynecologists in time, and then follow the doctor to seek medical treatment.

If a pregnant woman in the middle and late pregnancy is exactly the time of delivery, but there is no special circumstances, the doctor who can call and the doctor who checks the inspection will be postponed. At the same time, pay attention to the monitoring of the fetal movement at home.Listen to the fetal heart.If it is necessary to check in, make an appointment in advance and protect it. Try to shorten the medical treatment time during the checkup.If a pregnant woman with pregnancy -induced and complications, it is necessary to strictly treat the doctor’s advice.If there are abnormal conditions such as headache, shortness of breath, short blood pressure, increased blood pressure, bleeding, abdominal pain, abnormal fetal movement during pregnancy, or symptoms of childbirth, you need to seek medical treatment correctly.


I encountered a postpartum mother’s consultation two days ago, and it was 42 days after giving birth. Do you want to do the "42 -day inspection of the postpartum"?

If there are no special circumstances, such as dew, abdominal pain, mastitis, wound infection, etc., you can call the hospital doctors and delay the examination appropriately; but if there are abnormal conditions, it is best to see the protection in a timely manner.

The above are some suggestions for the pregnancy check during pregnancy. Jingma thinks that this kind of special period, if you can go out, you can go out and go out less. If the pregnant mother does not have special situations or abnormalities, then you can call the hospital to call the hospitalProper delay in delivery, prevent prevention, and protect your baby and your baby in his stomach.

If the pregnant mother needs to be checked, the following precautions must be assured, don’t care.

1. Go out and come back for protection

Pregnant women and accompanying their families must wear masks, disposable surgical medical masks or N95 masks, and eyes are preferably protective, such as wearing eyes or sunglasses;

Carry out with hand -free handwashing or disinfected wet paper towels.

On the road and in the hospital, try to keep a distance from people, at least 1 meter;

After returning from the hospital, take off the clothes worn outside, then wash your hands, wash your face, and wash your nose and ears.

2. Appointment in advance, try to shorten the time of checkup inspection as much as possible

If you have to do the checkup, make an appointment in advance, go out and take the first step of the protection measures above, go to the hospital, try to take as little place as much as possible, and try to shorten the time for the checkup.

You can also choose to call the nearby specialty women’s and gynecology hospitals to see if you can check it. If you can check it, you can choose a specialized women’s gynecology hospital for examination. After all, people are not so mixed, reducing the chance of being infected.

3. Choose a transportation tool for travel

Pregnant women go to the hospital for a check -up, try to take public transport as much as possible, you can take a taxi or drive by yourself, you can open the sunroof and keep the air circulation.

1. Do not go out or meet

In a special period, the important thing is to protect yourself. If you go out, it is the best way to prevent it. In addition to not being out of the house and his family, you have to refuse relatives and friends to visit and meet.

2. Open windows every day, ventilation, and moderate temperature and humidity

The windows are opened every day to ensure air circulation and freshness, and the temperature and humidity of the home must be appropriate. Families with heating in the north can open the window properly to cool down.Cold, overheating, or too dry leading to a cold.

3. Wash your hands frequently and wash your hands correctly

Even if you do n’t go out, you have to wash your hands frequently at home, and the method of washing your hands should be correct, especially before and after meals. Wash your hands under the water under the water underwater or soap; try not to use your hands, eyes, and nose.

4. Balanced diet nutrition to avoid excessive replenishment

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to strengthen nutrition, but nutritional supplements should be appropriate to avoid excessive tonic. This will easily lead to huge fetal fetuses, not conducive to delivery, and increase the weight of pregnant mothers too fast, which is not conducive to postpartum weight loss.Therefore, in this special period, you cannot go out for a walk every day, try to eat lightly as much as possible, and control your weight.

5. Life and rest of the way, exercise appropriately, good mood every day

Even if you ca n’t go out, pregnant mothers can do exercise in an appropriate amount at home. If you walk back and forth, do yoga, gymnastics of pregnant women, or do some handicrafts.Law, avoid staying up late, ensure sufficient sleep, good mood every day, not panic or anxiety, to enhance autoimmunity.Of course, pregnant mothers must also remember to give birth to prenatal education.

6. Breast milk mother, pay attention to hygiene, insist on breastfeeding

For new mothers postpartum, breast milk is the best food for babies, which contains a variety of antibodies, which can better enhance the baby’s immunity and disease resistance. Therefore, we must persist in breastfeeding baby, but we must pay attention to hygiene and wash their hands frequently.

This epidemic really makes pregnant mothers very anxious, especially the pregnant mothers who are nearly childbirth in the third trimester, worrying about unexpected situations or mobilizing babies in advance, then pregnant mothers must monitor them at home, including fetal heart and fetal movement at home, including fetal heart and fetal movement.If there is no abnormal situation, stay at home. If there is an abnormal situation or the baby is launched, don’t go to the hospital because of too panic. Just go to the hospital for delivery.

Reference materials: China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. New coronary virus infection pneumonia maternal maternal prevention maternal prevention temporary guidelines

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