During the cohabitation period, the accidental pregnancy boyfriend asked to be disappeared. The court mediation like this

Cover news reporter Zhong Xiaolu

During the cohabitation, her boyfriend asked for abortion and disappearing, but the woman lost her job for medical treatment due to the abortion.In the face of this situation, how to protect your own rights?Recently, the Chengdu Chongzhou Municipal People’s Court tried a case of physical rights and health disputes together.The woman sued her predecessor to compensate for the medical expenses, misunderstanding, transportation, nutritional expenses, nursing expenses, and mental damage soothing money, etc.

In May 2019, Wang Juan of Wenshan in Yunnan and Yu Xiaoming, from Chongzhou, Sichuan, met a company in Wuxi.The two sides lived with each other and soon established a relationship.

During the love process, Wang Juan was pregnant unexpectedly.She wanted to get married with the object and give birth to her child.Unexpectedly, the other party resolutely asked her to go to the hospital for abortion surgery on an excuse for her pretext, and promised to pay abortion costs and corresponding compensation.

At this time, Yu Xiaoming was transferred back to Chongzhou, Sichuan to work, and became more and more indifferent to Wang Juan.Wang Juan was called several times a day, asking Yu Xiaoming to resign in Wuxi to take care of her, and was rejected.

Yu Xiaoming was unable to disturb. After WeChat transferred 500 yuan to Wang Juan, Wang Juan’s phone and WeChat were used to blacklist.In desperation, Wang Juan had to perform abortion surgery and terminate pregnancy. As a result, pelvic inflammatory disease was obtained. The doctor said that it might have an impact on the birth of pregnancy in the future.

At the same time, Wang Juan was dismissed by the company because of frequent leave.Since then, Wang Juan has been looking for Yu Xiaoming from Wuxi to Chengdu several times.Wang Juan had no choice but to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit. He hoped that she found Yu Xiaoming through the court, apologized to her, and explained her.

After the Chongzhou People’s Court accepted the case, the undertaking judge did not handle the case on the case. Instead, he focused on resolving Wang Juan’s resentment and seriously pointed out the irresponsible behavior of Yu Xiaoming.In view of the fact that Yu Xiaoming was unwilling to be with Wang Juan, and based on the principle of freedom of love, after repeated mediation, Yu Xiaoming realized that his mistakes, when he was apologized to Wang Juan, and obtained Wang Juan’s understanding.In the end, the two parties reached a mediation agreement, and Yu Xiaoming compensated Wang Juan for a total of 20,000 yuan.


Young men and women fall in love with goodness, but women must protect their bodies.Although the women in this case have been compensated, the harm of physical and mental suffering can no longer be made up, and everyone must be considered.In addition, many people care about whether Wang Juan’s advocacy can get legal support in accordance with the law. The judge believes that the sexual relationship between the two parties during love is voluntary behavior, no deception or forced, such as accidental pregnancy and abortion, without other serious consequences, except for the flow of people, except the flow of people.In addition to actual expenses such as medical expenses, people’s courts such as mental damage soothing money are not supported.

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