During pregnancy, you can know the baby’s "gender"?Listen to how the obstetrician says

During pregnancy, you can know the baby’s "gender"?Listen to how the obstetrician says!

Since Xiaoli is pregnant, she will go to dream every time she goes to bed. She often dreams of small animals, kittens, birds, turtles, puppies, etc.Saying my mother -in -law, we can’t conduct the next analysis now.Do you dream of animals when pregnant women dream?Are these animals really have to do with the gender of their baby?So what do you dream of when you are pregnant?

Netizen No. 1: When I was pregnant, I dreamed that there was a small garden next to the road. There was a little white rabbit in the garden.I played with it, and then I passed. After the child was born, he was a female baby.In this way, dreaming is really signs.Later, during the pregnancy of the second child, I had another dream one night and dreamed of a eagle. This eagle and Pingchang TV were as fierce. I was scared because I was too afraid of it.I wondered this dream myself that I should have a boy this time, but I was really guessed by me. Now this little fart has grown up and naughty.

Netizen No. 2: I am very strange to say that this dream is. Why did I not dream of anything myself, but my sister did it for me.One night he dreamed that I played with her on a cruise ship. As a result, a snake always followed me. After that, my sister asked me if I was pregnant. I didn’t know how to laugh at my sister.I was this, and then I bought the pregnancy test stick and tried it. I really conceived, and I always dreamed of a snake when I was sleeping at night during pregnancy.I don’t believe it, but I really gave birth to a male baby. Now I am still doubtful

Netizen No. 3: When I was pregnant, I dreamed of giving birth to a daughter after dreaming. When I was pregnant, I often dreamed of the little white goose, and gave birth to her daughter again.When I was sleeping at night, I dreamed that the two daughters followed me behind, and there was an additional little boy and a little peacock.The next day I thought about whether I was pregnant, but I really became pregnant as a result, and then gave birth to a boy.So I think what dream during pregnancy really has a lot to do with the sex of the baby!

In fact, for this phenomenon, doctors say that these are normal reactions, but some psychological hints may also be caused by pressure during pregnancy.When the baby is still a fertilized egg, you have determined your gender. Whether it is a man or a woman, you are biological, don’t care about gender.

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