During pregnancy, these four check -ups are important. It is related to the health of the fetus. Don’t forget to be busy with pregnant mothers.

According to common sense, after women are pregnant, in order to ensure that the fetus can develop healthy and develop, they need to go to the hospital for delivery.

However, there are many production inspection items. Some pregnant mothers feel that there are some production inspection items that do not need to be done, and the checkup is very troublesome, so they are not keen to do the production inspection.Especially the pregnant mother who is pregnant with the second child, with suspicion of his experience, feels that he is here, so he feels that the check -up is not necessary, so he does not do it on time.

In fact, the pregnancy test during pregnancy is very important. It can effectively help pregnant mothers and understand the development of the fetus. Even if you have given birth to a child before, the fetal development of the fetus is different.Find out problems early and solve early to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

During the 10 months of pregnancy, there are some important check -ups, and they pay attention to the timing. It is best to check within the best time. Don’t miss the opportunity, otherwise it may affect the accuracy of the test results.Pay attention to the timing during pregnancy. These four production examinations are critical. Don’t miss the best check -up timing

During pregnancy, these four check -ups are important. It is related to the health of the fetus. Don’t forget to be busy with pregnant mothers.

The first time: comprehensive examination in the early pregnancy

After a woman is pregnant, she will go to the hospital for an early pregnancy examination, but this is not the first birth checkup.In the second month of pregnancy, you are going to the hospital for the first birth checkup, and you need to conduct a comprehensive examination of pregnant women.

The first checkup items are more complicated during the first delivery inspection, so pregnant mothers are best accompanied by family members, and before the birth check, pregnant mothers should do some preparations. It is recommended to go early in the morning because they need to be empty and urinate.

Second time: Inspection in the middle of pregnancy

After entering the middle of pregnancy, it is about the fourth month of pregnancy. The Tang screening is needed to effectively exclude the fetal nervous system defect and the possibility of Tang’s child.

If the results of the inspection show high risks, don’t worry too much, you need to further confirm it. If the fetus is confirmed that the fetus is a Tang family, the pregnant mother must be treated rationally.

Third: Examination in the middle of pregnancy

At the 5th month of pregnancy, it was about 20-28 weeks of pregnancy, a time for deformed examination, and should not exceed 28 weeks at the latest.

Through the four -dimensional large -scale abnormal examination, the fetal malformation is effectively excluded. If the examination is too early, some problems cannot be checked.Essence

Fourth time: Pre -birth check in the third trimester

After 36 weeks, another very important checkup was to prepare for childbirth.Through this birth checkup, understanding the delivery indicators of the pregnant mother can help pregnant mothers confirm whether they choose to give birth or cesarean section.

These four important births during pregnancy, hope that pregnant mothers should not forget, and they must go to the hospital on time!

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