During pregnancy, the skin is "itchy and itchy". The doctor opened a bear to remove the oxygenic acid.

Author: Zhang Yangxia, Department of Pharmacy, Hubei Province Third People’s Hospital

Recently, a special patient came from the pharmacist clinic of our hospital

A sad pregnant mother

When I was more than 6 months of pregnancy, my palm suddenly began to itch, and my arms began to itch slowly. I thought that forbearing would pass, and I was worried that the medication would hurt the baby. I never came to the hospital for medical treatment.

The medicine prescribed by the doctor is a bear to remove oxygenic acid. It is used to reduce bile acid, which can effectively reduce itching, reduce premature birth, and protect the liver. According to the current research, it is not harmful to the baby to take this medicine.Yes, you can take it with confidence!In addition, the doctor also gives you an external glycrystone washing agent. Remember to shake well before use, apply it to the itching area, and it is recommended not to apply it.

I also have to tell you: The intrahepatic stasis during pregnancy not only makes pregnant mothers discomfort, but also harm the health of the fetus.Therefore, you must insist on taking the medicine and come to the hospital for review on a regular basis, but you can’t stand it again!

Pharmacist science time

In the pregnancy, the intrahepatic cholecass accumulation (ICP) is one of the severe complications unique to women during pregnancy, which can easily lead to hypoxia in the fetus, amniotic fluid pollution, premature birth, newborn respiratory distress, and death.The incidence of ICP in my country is about 1.2%, that is, one of the 100 pregnant mothers will have a unfortunate recruitment.

1. Itching

Itching of skin is the most common first symptom of ICP, and more than 80%occur in the late pregnancy (about 30 weeks).Itching often begins with palms or feet, and gradually spreads to limbs, torso, and even develops to the face; the degree of itching is different.

2. Jaundice

14%to 25%of pregnant mothers will find jaundice 2-4 weeks after itching, and most of them are mild jaundice, and can be faded within 1-2 weeks after delivery.The urine of some pregnant mothers is dark, and the feces are light.

3. Others

A few pregnant mothers have symptoms such as anorexia, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.A few pregnant mothers have a lack of weight loss and vitamin K related coagulation factors, which may increase the risk of postpartum bleeding.

1. A total of the total bile acid of the aperture of ≥10 μmol /L can be diagnosed as ICP.

2. If the level of total bile acid is normal, but there are unpredictable liver function abnormalities [serum skydamine rigidase (AST) and serum propionate transaminase (ALT) light and moderate increase] can also be diagnosed as ICPEssence

1. Those with basic diseases of chronic hepatobiliary

2. History of oral contraceptive pills

3. ICP family history or previous pregnancy ICP medical history

4. Pregnant women with twins and multi -fetal pregnancy

5. Pregnant women with artificial insemination and pregnancy

1. Basic drugs

_ _ _ 吧 _

Drug name


Fetal safety

First -line drug

Bear to remove oxygenic acid

Oral: 15mg/kg/d, divided 3-4 times

Treatment: 7-10d

The maximum dose can be 1.5-2.0g daily

Good safety in the middle and late pregnancy

Second -line drug

S adenosine eggine

Jingdi: 1g/D

Oral: 500mg, 2 times/d

Treatment: 12-14D

Have not found that this medicine has side effects on fetal poisonous side effects

Combined treatment

Bear removal oxygenic acid+ S adenosine eggine

Bear to remove oxygenic acid: 250mg, 3 times/d, oral

S adenosine eggine: 500mg, 2 times/d, quiet drip

Have not found that this medicine has side effects on fetal poisonous side effects

2. Local medication is safer to wash the glyphosite washing liquid; if itching is severe and affects sleep, it can be used for weak and medium -effective hormone ointments, such as Tunaid, hydrogenated loose, bran acid Mamone, etc.(Note: hormone ointment can only be used in a short period of time, not for a long time)

Active treatment

Do not panic if the expectant mother is diagnosed with bile stasis!Actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, follow the doctor’s advice, and choose the best childbirth time and method, which can also safely give birth to a healthy baby.

Follow the fetal movement

Specific mothers must insist on counting a few fetal movements during the third trimester!Fetal movement is the simplest and convenient way to evaluate the baby’s state in the uterus.There is less fetal movement and the disappearance of fetal movement is a hypoxia signal from the baby in the stomach.It is recommended to go to the hospital for further testing within 1-12 hours after the fetal movement is significantly reduced.

Light diet

During the treatment, the diet should be light, and eat more low -fat and easy -to -digest foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits and milk; pay more attention to rest, and the left side is mainly to increase the placenta blood flow and give the baby sufficient oxygen.

adjust your mindset

Pay attention to psychological pressure regulation, because psychological factors also affect the human body’s sensitivity to stimuli, and it is more likely to produce itching.During the rash period, skin care should be done, try not to grab it, so as not to aggravate itching or cause bacterial infections.

Review expert: Zhang Mingwei, Third People’s Hospital of Hubei Province

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