During pregnancy, the milk came. What is the problem?Some expectant mothers may do something wrong

Many mothers always have no milk after giving birth. They are very anxious. The road to chasing milk can be described as pain.However, some mothers have milk during pregnancy, and they are very nervous. They are worried that there is milk now. Is it gone when the baby is born?I want to say no, this means that the breasts are very unobstructed. After delivery, there are only a lot of milk.

There were not a few mothers who had milk out of pregnancy during pregnancy. On that day, a mother said that she had been in milk for 6 months and was wondering!On this day, another mother said that she had been in milk for 7 months, so she resonated with many mothers to see how everyone spoke enthusiastically:

I also had six months, and I came out.

There are less than four and a half months.

I have been there in less than three months.

I have already started … Sometimes it will drop out …

Now dripping twice in four months.

Now more than 4 months, it is also troubled by this problem!

When it is five months, there will be transparent liquids from the nipples but less than a drop.

I also have been in pain since four months.Especially when waking up in the morning, it feels like the pain when weaning, and I dare not touch the whole.There will be something flowing from hands.

I am almost the same.It was just a little yellow and yellow at the time.

There are also four months, there are more on the right, there are very few on the left, and there are few on the left.

I am also less than six months.

I also have 6 months.

Normally, I have more than five months in my second child.

I have four months, and occasionally flowing out, it is clear water.

My wife has less than 2 months.

I have four months.

I flowed out for seven months.

I have 4 months.

Four months have been in vain but the second child.

I have only five months now.

The first tire did not have a second child for 6 months, the larger the month, the larger the month, and it flowed out by itself, especially after taking a shower.

There are stars in four months, and I am a little scared for the first time.

Starting in 6 and a half months, squeeze a transparent liquid with your hands.

There are 5 months.

I have been seven months old and I have a little water.

Looking at this long message, I know how many friends have the same experience.2 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months, 7 months, these different months have mothers who have milk flowing out. It can be seen that this is normal.

Since pregnancy, the breast has begun to grow under the action of hormones. Have you found it?When I first knew that I was pregnant, my breasts became larger and hardened, and prepared for breastfeeding in the future.Breasts are the first part of the stretching part, which is one step forward than the increase in the uterus.

In the second trimester, the growth of breast growth will be accelerated, and some pregnant mothers will be secreted by milk.

When taking a bath, when you accidentally encounter it, the breasts will flow out of transparent liquid -like liquid, or it may be white, yellow and other colors.

There is a flowing out of milk, which is the prechrofotomy to be secreted in the future, indicating that the breast is very smooth and not blocked. In the future, the milk will be particularly sufficient. It can quickly feed the baby after delivery. This is a good sign.

I did n’t have milk during pregnancy. I secreted milk for 3 days after giving birth. I could only drink milk powder a few days ago.

If there are many milk, there will be a situation of yourself, and you will wet clothes. It will be a little embarrassed. In this case, you can put a anti -milk pad in the underwear to avoid leaking out.

Pay attention to cleaning the breasts, keep the breast clean, and prevent the flowing milk from attached to the breast to breed bacteria.The looseness of the underwear you wear should be appropriate. Do not squeeze the breast to prevent breast inflammation.

Do not deliberately squeeze, rub, and remove it. If breast inflammation occurs, it will be troublesome.

If there are many milk, the color or odor is not normal, and ask the doctor by the way during the checkup to prevent pathological problems.

The above is my point of view, but you need to protect it carefully, I wish you a happy pregnancy!

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