During pregnancy, the fetus will be deforming?Intelligence is easily affected?New data: only affect these two aspects

When visiting relatives during the Spring Festival, the University of Science and Technology was inevitable to be caught by relatives and asked this.

Many questions asked by friends are related to the new crown, such as medication, care, etc. Among them, it is the most troublesome to prepare for pregnancy.

After all, this piece of online popularization is not as many as medication and care.

Someone asked: I have been preparing for pregnancy, and I suddenly have a sun. Can I continue to prepare for pregnancy?

Some people ask: Can I prepare for pregnancy before yang?What if you are pregnant after pregnancy, will you have a miscarriage/deformity?

Today, HKUST has made a special answer to the new crown and pregnancy.

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Consider the quality of eggs and sperm:

If it was a female Fang Yang and the body recovered as early as Yang Kang, then after the first menstruation, she could start to prepare for pregnancy.

After male yang, sperm vitality recovers longer. It is generally recommended to start pregnancy after 3 months.

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Of course, if it is really anxious, you can also do a comprehensive pre -pregnancy examination 1 month after Yang Kang to see if the number and quality of sperm meet the standards.

If you reach the standard, you can start to prepare for pregnancy.

This widely rumored rumor, everyone is estimated to have seen ↓

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This is true or false, and we don’t know.

However, such a thing does happen.

But don’t panic first!It may occur.

Myocarditis itself is not a common disease. Even if the probability of myocarditis after yang will increase, the number of myocarditis will not eventually get more.

Therefore, as long as there is no problem with the heart, the moderate "exercise" after Yang Kang generally does not have life -threatening.

Infection in the new crown in the early pregnancy, there may be a possibility of miscarriage.

In addition, according to a summary analysis of the data published in the Global Health of British Medical Magazine, the new crown infection during pregnancy is about 3 times the unborn (34 weeks ago).

In addition, it will increase the probability of severe diseases:

The probability of a baby born to the new crown maternal is sent to the newborn care department is twice the baby born of a baby who is not infected with;

The possibility of light weight loss at birth was 19%higher than the baby born in the infected woman.

There is a certain danger.

Summary data during the new crown period of "British Medical Journal Global Health":

After pregnant women are infected with new crowns, they are more susceptible to heart disease, arrhythmia, and heart failure;

The possibility of being diagnosed with pneumonia is 23 times that of healthy pregnant women;

The possibility of the upper ventilator is 15 times that of the latter;

The possibility of intensive care after the new crown is 4 times that of the latter;

The possibility of suffering from severe thrombosis is 5 times that of the latter;

The number of pregnant women who died after the new crown was about 8 times that of their peers.

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With the gradual popularization of vaccines and the gradual weakening of virus toxicity, this data should gradually decline in the future.

However, the University of Science and Technology also hopes that everyone should not take it lightly. If the pregnant woman is sunny, the family members should still be cautious. When high fever and difficulty breathing have occurred, they should be sent to the hospital in time.

After taking the medicine, will children be deformed and miscarriage. This is a probability problem.

There is a little girl in the office of the University of Science and Technology. When her mother took her, she took medicine several times, and she was born healthy and healthy.

However, the University of Science and Technology also met a mother. Because of taking medicine, there was a sign of miscarriage in the early pregnancy, and eventually decided not to do it.

Therefore, do not use cases as a reference.

Each birth check of pregnancy must go on time. In the end, the child is healthy and can be left.

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However, if you just eat acetaminol or ibuprofen, you don’t need to worry.

Only a few newborns will detect COVID-19 as positive shortly after birth. As for whether it is before birth or when birth, or infection with the virus after birth, it is still unclear.

However, most of the newborn infected with the new crown, the symptoms are mild, even asymptomatic, and quickly recover.

It has a certain impact.

In the first three months of pregnancy, if you are unfortunately infected with a new crown, a certain probability will lead to genetic mutations, which will lead to fetal malformations.

If the new crown is infected in the middle and late pregnancy, the probability of malformations in children is low.

According to an observation data for hundreds of babies born in 2020, the mother is infected with a new crown during pregnancy, and children are more likely to diagnose language and dysfunction in the early days.

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But this is due to the new crown, or because the mother’s infection with the pressure of the new crown is under great pressure, and there is no conclusion.

And the researcher’s current point of view is that these negative effects will slowly disappear in the long run.

A hot knowledge: The number of people admitted by higher education institutions each year will be adjusted proportionally according to the actual reference number of the year.

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In other words, there are fewer candidates, and the number of people admitted to higher education institutions will become less likely.

Therefore, if it is just for the "benefits" of the college entrance examination, there is no need to start the planning plan.

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