During pregnancy, it is irritable, and the baby may have these shortcomings.

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During pregnancy, the hormone levels in the body of pregnant mothers are fluctuating and fluctuating. In addition, they have not fully adapted to the change of the role for a while. Often they will be extremely sensitive and fragile in their hearts, and their temper will gradually grow.People, the children in the belly are also angry.

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It is said that most of the children born in the future during pregnancy have three characteristics: in the future, most of them have three characteristics:

1. Baby needs high demand

Many people think that in the "palace" for a long time, "the ears are not heard of the foreign affairs, and they only want to eat and drink Lazar to sleep."Formed, and it is more influenced by the mother.

Around March pregnancy, the "brain edge system" of the fetus has been initially formed, and this is a animal sensation (seeing, listening, smell, taste, and touch) that controls and dominate human survival.I have been able to perceive the emotional changes of pregnant mothers and make various reactions in my mother’s belly.

If the mother likes to lose her temper, the fetus will follow the uncomfortable. The fetal treasure grows up under the influence of this negative emotion for a long time. It may become difficult to serve when they grow up in the future. For exampleThe crying crying needs to coax for a long time, becoming a full high demand baby, and the parents take care of it.

2. Baby low emotional quotient

There is a sentence in "The Road where few people go": "Children can not help imitate their parents, copy their parents’ way of life, and regard it as the standard and role model of life."

And this kind of imitation often starts when the mother’s fetus. If the pregnant mother likes to think wildly all day, a little unsatisfactory, they will be noisy and noisy to the people around them. The baby may be inherited in the future.It will only rely on the temper to attract the attention of others. It is unable to communicate with others calmly. They will not consider themselves to consider others. EQ is touching. Future academic, career, and marriage may be affected.

3. The baby’s development is slow

Studies have found that children born with psychological stress and emotional undulating mothers are often much more important than children born with mentally healthy pregnant mothers.

In the negative emotions such as anxiety, irritability, and frustration, the pregnant mother will interfere with the normal secretion of endocrine, thereby restricting the normal growth and development of the fetus, making it slow in the palace.It may even suffer from heart disease, insulin dependent diabetes.

In addition, there are relevant survey reports that if the mother often feels that the pressure is increased, it may lead to poor blood circulation of the mother, which will cause the fetal hypoxia and cause adverse effects on the development of their nervous system.It will also be slow.

In summary, the mother’s temper is irritable during pregnancy, and the damage to the child is still relatively large. Therefore, I hope that pregnant mothers can learn to relieve their negative emotions, and family members can patiently accompany the pregnant mommy to be the baby’s baby.Healthy development creates a benign environment.(Lyj)

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