During pregnancy, it is easy to "turn black and ugly"?Understanding the reasons and 4 preventive methods, the expectant mother is more bottomed out

Pregnancy is a very important experience in each woman’s life. In this process, we will experience many firsts, such as pregnancy, pregnancy tests, pubic pain, pain, childbirth, and so on.Although some experiences are not very good, most of them can carry everything for babies and mothers.

But one thing is too embarrassing!That is, after entering the pregnancy, many beautiful mothers bluntly said that they cannot accept their "ugliness", deformation of body, poor skin, etc., but what kind of stalks are black in many parts on the body?

Wan Ma feels quite deeply about "hacking" during pregnancy.When my sister was pregnant, I had never returned to see her because of just graduation.When I saw her, it was already the third trimester. To be honest, I was shocked at that time, and I couldn’t describe the mood at the time!

My sister, who was very focused on her appearance, became fat and dark. His face was dark and dark, and a large piece of darkness on his neck was like dirt that had not been cleaned for many years!Later, my sister also showed it out that not only her face and neck, but also the armpits, belly, inside of the thighs, etc. also turned black, and she looked a little panicked.

Because of witnessing the changes in my sister’s body during pregnancy, the shadow left in my heart was once "rejected" pregnancy.Fortunately, when I was pregnant, I was not as serious as my sister.Both the first and second babies are only under the armpits, the isolas turning black, and a thick and long black line on the belly. In addition, there are not many obvious changes.

However, whether it is my sister or myself, the part of "blackening" on my body disappears slowly within half a year after giving birth, and there is no trace in the end. This is the best result.

Some parts of the body become black during pregnancy, which is not the case, most mothers will exist.The more obvious parts of "blackening" are nothing more than the face, neck, underarms, breasts, abdomen, inside of the thighs, etc.In fact, the so -called "turning black" is just the melanin on the skin on the surface of these parts.

Doctors said that the reason for this is mainly caused by women in pregnancy and hormone changes in the body.Starting from the fertilized eggs, the mother will prepare for the growth and development of the fetus, and the level of progesterone has risen sharply, which is a kind of protection for the fetus.

Under the action of progesterone, the melanocytes in our body were activated to stimulate and secrete more melanin, so the skin of many pregnant mothers looks dark than before.Some pregnant mothers will not only become dark, but also have some pregnancy spots, which mainly depends on the physical fitness and the degree of melanin.

Generally speaking, melanin is mainly affected by the major progesterone. After the baby is born, the hormone level in the body will slowly return to normal, and the melanin can be slowly retreated at about 3-6 months.At that time, the skin tone is dark and dull, so expectant mothers need not worry too much.

Judging from the experience of most people around him, only a few mothers may continue to leave a mark on the skin on the skin.Sun protection is the key

Sunlight can kill bacteria, and proper sunlight during pregnancy is good for health.However, pregnant mothers should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, because melanin is more prominent during pregnancy than usual, and the skin is more likely to turn black.

Therefore, reminding pregnant mothers should protect them when they go out, put on a large hat, put on sunscreen, and support the sun umbrella.If you want to apply sunscreen, do not use ordinary skin care products directly, it is best to choose a pregnant woman dedicated to avoid affecting the fetus.

Diet should be healthy and reasonable

Pregnant mothers’ metabolism is faster than ordinary people, and physical energy consumes faster. Pay attention to supplementing sufficient nutrition and diet.It is recommended to eat more antioxidant fruits and vegetables, especially some foods rich in vitamins.

You can eat more fruits and vegetables: white radish, tomatoes, coconut caulus, mushrooms, spinach, cucumber, orange, grapes, citrus, kiwi, etc.However, try to avoid ingestion of sensitivity foods such as coriander, leek, celery, and avoid increasing the chance of sunbathing.Drink plenty of water, exercise more, and add vitamins appropriately

Drinking more water and exercise in pregnant mothers can accelerate the metabolism of the body, help to discharge harmful substances inside the body, and to a certain extent to lighten melanin, reduce melanin, and make the skin healthier and tender.

If you need it, you can also supplement some vitamin C and vitamin E under the guidance of a doctor. Without the lack of such elements, it can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin in the body.Life and rest, comfortable clothes, and keep your mood comfortable

According to statistics, almost 80%of women will have various sleep problems during pregnancy.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers try not to stay up late, rest well, maintain emotional stability, and avoid fatigue. In this way, the functions of our bodies will work normally, with good spirit and more complexion.

During pregnancy, the physical changes of expectant mothers have changed quickly, such as bust and abdominal circumference will increase as weeks.Therefore, it is necessary to replace the appropriate number of underwear in time to keep the clothes refreshing and comfortable, reducing the tightness of the underwear to cause the blood circulation to be blocked, otherwise it may also increase the pigmentation of some parts.

During pregnancy, the expectant mothers "turned black" or "ugliness" are all normal, and it is inevitable, so mothers should not have much pressure in their hearts, just treat them usually.

You know, these "ugly" features will not last too long. After the baby is born, it will slowly return to normal.Even if you leave some "love marks", it is not a big deal. If it is unacceptable, some conditioning or freckle treatment can be done in the later stage.

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