During pregnancy, if "fetal gas" is moved, you will have 3 "feelings"

After pregnancy, the mothers will have a lot of emotional changes. In fact, this should not blame the mother. This is because of the hormone in the body during pregnancy, which leads to emotional instability. When you are happyIt will be very excited.But what you need to know is that when you are emotional, your baby can feel the mood of your mother.

The emotional fluctuations of expectant mothers during pregnancy will affect the development of the fetus. This impact will seriously hurt the baby, which is what we call "moving the fetal gas".Qi, the general manifestation of moving tire gas is that there will be pain, or bleeding, etc. These performances indicate that the fetal gas is moving.

1. Pain in the lower abdomen

About 3 months of pregnancy and during the third trimester of pregnancy, abdominal pain will appear without paying attention to it. Abdominal pain is a prominent manifestation of tire gas. If it is slight abdominal pain, this is caused by the development of the fetus in the uterus and compressing the bladder.Just pay attention to rest.However, if the mother suddenly occurs in abdominal pain, and it is more intense and unbearable, it may be the fetal gas.

2. Decrease in fetal movement

The fetal movement during pregnancy is also the most concerned about expectant mothers. The fetal movement will be about four times in an hour. The day will usually be about one hundred times. The baby’s fetal movement will be rhythmic and there are certain rules. This is a manifestation of the baby’s good development.EssenceWhat does the abnormal fetal movement mean?If the fetal movement is called abnormal fetal movement within twelve hours, if it is less than ten times, it means that the baby is dangerous.

3. Yin Tao bleeding

During pregnancy, mothers will encounter bleeding, especially in the early pregnancy, this bleeding phenomenon is a sign of miscarriage.Therefore, expectant mothers must pay attention when bleeding or stomach pain, especially when there are a lot of bleeding, it will easily cause abortion. At this time, you must go to the hospital for examination immediately.

1. Avoid excessive fatigue

Women should not be overworked after pregnancy, and maintain adequate sleep. Some women often stay up late to work or stay up late to play games, which will cause women to endocrine abnormalities.If excessive fatigue in the early pregnancy will lead to an increase in uterine sensitivity, increasing the risk of abortion.Excessive fatigue in the second trimester and late pregnancy can easily lead to premature breakthroughs and premature birth.During pregnancy, expectant mothers should rest more to prevent excessive fatigue.

2. Avoid taking medicines

After women, many people do not know that they are pregnant and will neglect some drugs. These drugs will cause fetal dysfunction or even deformity.Therefore, when the expectant mother is pregnant, she should be vigilant and take medicines in properly. It is easy to hurt the baby.

2. Avoid husband and wife life

After many women are pregnant, they will still have a husband and wife, but at this time, the uterus is in a sensitive state, and improper rooms in the same room will lead to a threatened abortion.In the early stages of pregnancy, the increase in the secretion of the Yin tract can easily lead to infection, which will seriously lead to pelvic inflammation. These can easily affect "fetal gas".Therefore, it is recommended to restrain the life of husband and wife in the early pregnancy. Do not hurt your baby because of your "ignorance".

4. Avoid emotional fluctuations

Many expectant mothers have great emotional fluctuations after pregnancy, and they are easy to cry and lose their temper. These are not conducive to fetal development.The mothers of expectant mothers have a lot of emotional fluctuations, sorrowfulness, and crying often. In the future, the baby will be obviously thin and lose their temper after birth.Therefore, expectant mothers to maintain rational emotions during pregnancy, do not think about unhappy and sad things, can transfer attention, such as watching TV, listening to music, reading, and appointment with friends to talk about the way to avoid good emotional fluctuations.

During the long pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to it, which can easily cause the behavior of "moving tires". It can avoid trying to avoid and develop a good routine.

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