During pregnancy, expectant mother’s pubic pain to "doubt life", learn these 7 tricks, and teach you to effectively relieve pain

In the eyes of outsiders, they are very happy after pregnancy. They only need to eat and drink at home every day.But in fact, pregnancy is also a very hard thing.

After the expectant mothers are pregnant, various pregnancy reactions will occur, such as pregnancy, frequent urination, constipation, and sometimes the body of the expectant mother will still have pain. The most difficult one is "pubic pain".

I remember that when I was pregnant, the pregnancy response was not so strong, but when I was in the second trimester, my belly became bigger and bigger, and the action began to be inconvenient. The key was that the pubic bone was more painful. Later, I walked hard.

My daughter -in -law has been pregnant for more than eight months. She is a expectant mother. I came over a few days ago to complain to me.

My daughter -in -law said that she had finally survived the early pregnancy and thought that it was not very uncomfortable.

My daughter -in -law said that she hurts every day now, just like it is to be scattered. It is painful to "suspect life."

My daughter -in -law hurts her body. In fact, it is the so -called "pubic pain", and this pain during pregnancy is normal.

Due to the influence of physical hormones, expectant mothers have begun to change, and the purpose is to make the pelvis have greater telescopic space, so as to give the baby a greater room for the baby.Essence

Although pubic pain is normal physiological phenomenon, each pregnant woman feels different about this pain. Some pregnant women think they can be acceptable, but some pregnant women will be tortured by the pain. In fact, this is related to some of the characteristics of pregnant women.Essence

1. Sweet mother in the body

Some expectant mothers are more petite, and natural pubic bone parts will not be large, so compared with, it is more likely to have pubic pain.

2. Mother -withdrawal mother

The expectant mothers have two or more babies, which will be more likely to have pubic pain, and the pain will be stronger, which will change the pressure of the mother’s pubic parts than the twins.

Therefore, the expectant mothers who are pregnant need to control the diet to avoid the baby.

3. Specific mothers with a short interval between two tires

After the expectant mothers are born, their bodies will be damaged, so they need to recover, and the pubic bone will take time to recover.

If the expectant mother has a baby, her body and pubic bone have not recovered, and they are pregnant with the second child, the pain of the pubic bone will be stronger than the pain of the last child.

Therefore, expectant mothers must also remember that the two -child interval should be at least two to three years. This is responsible for yourself and his family.

4. Mother who is exhausted physically and mentally

Even if some expectant mothers are pregnant, they must do anything to do anything. They belong to the natural "worrying". Such expectant mothers are not only tired, but they are tired of their bodies. They are often more likely to cause pubic pain.

1) Avoid physical labor

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should try to avoid physical labor and load, especially in the first half of the expected date of due date. At this time, the baby baby is also entering the pot, which will increase the burden of the pubic bone and become more painful.

2) Pay attention to dietary needs

In terms of diet, expectant mothers should choose nutritious but easy -to -digest foods during pregnancy, and try to avoid greasy, high calories, high -salt, and difficult digestive foods.

3) Select the correct standing position

Choosing the right standing position is more conducive to alleviating the pain of the expectant mother. When standing, the expectant mothers are best to separate their legs slightly, and then the back should be straight.

4) Select the right chair

Specific mothers should choose a chair that suits you (need to bring back). Don’t be too high, but don’t be too low, and then sit back close to the back when sitting, which can reduce the burden.

When standing up, it is not advisable to stand up quickly, but it should be supported by hand, and then slowly stand up.

5) Select suitable mattress

If the mattress of the expectant mother sleeps, if it is too soft, the waist can be trapped in the past, but it will aggravate the pubic bone weight and become more painful, so it is best to choose a harder mattress, but don’t be too hard.

6) Proper physical exercise

After the expectant mother is pregnant, in fact, it is necessary to perform appropriate physical exercise, especially more thighs stretching exercise to enhance the flexibility of the pubic bone, so that it does not hurt that.

7) Select auxiliary tools

After the expectant mother is pregnant, her belly will become larger and larger, and naturally will decrease due to gravity, and the waist burden of expectant mothers will increase.Therefore, expectant mothers should also choose a auxiliary tool -belly belt to reduce their sense of load.

This can also reduce the pressure caused by the baby’s baby at the same time, so as to reduce the pain of expectant mothers.

This belly -holding three -piece suit is designed specially for expectant mothers. It is divided into two parts: the lower support part can support the baby’s baby, thereby helping the expectant mothers to reduce the burden;

The upper part can fit the abdomen more, help expectant mothers to stretch freely, and more securely hold the baby’s baby.

This abdomen is breathable and sweaty. It can be used all year round, and one set of three -in -one set. From the beginning of pregnancy, it can be used to use the baby to give birth to the baby. It can be said that it is very convenient and practical.good!

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