During pregnancy, can women who love beauty be put on makeup?

The heart of love, people do everything.Girls love beauty, it seems to be settled in the factory, and it has been available since childhood.Pregnancy is a special physiological period as a woman who is likely to go through. Whether it can make up and can do basic skin care, but I have troubled many expectant mothers?

1. Should basic skin care products be used during pregnancy?

This question answer is okay. Skin care products are a kind of thing to ensure normal skin care, especially during the spring sensitive period or after autumn, the weather is particularly dry, and it will have more or less impact on the skin. Some expectant mothers are pregnant due to pregnancy due to pregnancy.The reason is that the skin is more sensitive than usual, so it is important to use skin care products.However, it cannot be used to use products containing whitening, freckle, and acne, because these products contain a great component that may cause fetal malformations. You can choose pure natural and mild and non -irritating.Use it in moderation and not apply too much.

2. Can I make up during pregnancy?

If there are no special circumstances, you need to make up, and you should try not to make up, because there are more chemical components in cosmetics. Even makeup should be pale makeup to avoid thick makeup. After returning home, you should remove makeup and clean it in time.For expectant mothers, the check -up is common, so when going to see the doctor, try to keep the face as much as possible, because the face will make the doctor better observe the look and physical condition of the expectant mother.

In addition, there are a few points to pay attention to:

1. Do not use perfume during pregnancy. Because most perfume contains musk, it can cause abortion (flower dew water should also be used with caution, and the ingredients of flower dew water also contain musk).

2. During pregnancy, you should also try not to apply redness and nails. Most of these beauty products contain harmful ingredients, which will affect the baby’s development.

Precautions for selecting skin care products:

1. When choosing skin care products, pay attention to the use of regular manufacturers.Don’t choose San -free products.

2. Do not choose cosmetics with special effects, because during pregnancy, due to hormone secretion in the body, many expectant mothers will have long spots, water deficiency, and rough skin. Do not have too much pressure on these problems.The skin condition will be improved, and the basic skin care can be maintained.

3. Do not use lead -containing products, such as nail polish; do not use products with many chemical components such as hair dye.

4. Do not use aromatherapy and essential oils. Any products containing essential oils, high -purity plant extracts or estrogen must be stopped. These cosmetics are highly irritating, which may affect the normal development of the baby., So this expectant mother must pay attention.

5. The first 3 months of pregnancy cannot be used to use frost or massage products for stretch marks. It is best to start using it after 3 months.

6. Summer mothers should pay special attention to sun protection, because the skin during pregnancy will be particularly sensitive to light, so sunscreen should be sunscreen regardless of home or out.Many people regard the sun spots that do not pay attention to sun protection as pregnancy spots. As a result, they cannot be eliminated after pregnancy.Secondly, try to choose a BB cream for pregnant women.

When expectant mothers want to be beautiful during pregnancy, they should eat more vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, and keep their bodies and minds.

I hope to help everyone, you can also talk about your thoughts in the comment area

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