Drotitis is easy to affect pregnancy!

In recent years, female infertility patients caused by fallopian tubes have increased year by year, which has caused trouble for many women and families.In particular, chronic inflammation is the most difficult to cure.

What are the causes of chronic fallopian tubeitis?

1. Due to inflammation of the inflammation of the lower genitalism, such as chronic cervicitis, endometritis, and tissue inflammation of the uterine, the fallopian tube inflammation is caused.Due to the poor pathogenic power of the pathogenic microorganism, the body has certain resistance, or chronic inflammatory changes can be changed due to inadequate treatment.

2. Acute fallopian tubeitis is not treated or inadequate to be chronic inflammation.

Due to the continuous development of modern medical technology, many antibiotics are used to treat inflammation of fallopian tubes, so the acute period that is easier to treat will usually have a better healing effect.The symptoms have also been greatly reduced, but the fallopian tubeitis due to tuberculosis infection has shown an increasing trend.

Female friends must pay attention to their own tubal unobstructed problems. Once the passage of sperm’s eggs occurs, it will cause infertility to occur. Female friends should pay special attention.

Simple fallopian tube inflammation is very rare. Most of them are infected with other tissues. Some of the chronic inflammation of the fallopian tube have symptoms. Some clinical symptoms are not obvious, but sometimes they feel lower abdomen.It is difficult to diagnose.

What are the symptoms of chronic fallopianitis?

1. Dysmenorrhea: Due to pelvic blood stasis dysmenorrhea due to pelvic congestion. Most of them have abdominal pain in the first one weeks of menstruation.

2. Irregular menstruation: The location of the fallopian tube is adjacent to the ovaries. The disease of the fallopian tube generally does not affect the function of the ovarian. If the inflammation and the ovarian cause damage to the ovarian function, the menstrual abnormal phenomenon will occur.Usually the most common menstrual passage and too much menstrual flow are the most common.Chronic inflammation leads to endometriosis caused by uterine fibrosis, uterine recovery, or adhesion, etc., which can cause more lunar.

3. Infertility: The fallopian tube itself is damaged by the disease, which is obstructed and causes infertility. It is more common in secondary infertility.

4. Abdominal pain: There are different degrees of pain in the lower abdomen, mostly hidden discomfort, soreness, swelling, and falling in the back of the waist and salamander, often intensify due to exhaustion.Due to the adhesion of the pelvic cavity, there may be bladder, rectal filling pain or pain during emptiness, or other bladder rectal stimulation symptoms, such as frequent urination, severe after urgency.

5. Others: such as sexual intercourse pain, increased leucorrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, labor affected or impatient, mental neurological symptoms and mental depression.

Whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed is extremely important for women’s fertility, so it should attract enough attention.

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