Drinking alcohol before conception can also cause fetal alcohol syndrome?

A large number of studies have proven that women drinking will cause fetal alcohol damage during admission (before pregnancy and entire pregnancy), which can cause brain structure and function, as well as damage to skull surface and other parts.Symptom.

Fetal alcohol syndrome, together with other series of lighter morbidity, is collectively referred to as fetal alcoholic spectrum obstacles.

Drinking during pregnancy, the occurrence of fetal alcoholic spectrum disorder has been well studied, among which most of them come from the evidence of animal experiments.

Scientists have simulated the damage to almost all types of body and nervous systems in the concentration of alcohol exposure in the human fetus’s uterus exposure in the concentration of alcohol exposure in the human fetus.

These damages are reflected in the aspects of learning, exercise skills, attention, and social communication obstacles.

Mouse experiments can observe every step of alcohol interference in the development of the central nervous system. From the beginning of the initial nerve board formation stage of the central nervous nerve, it starts in the early stage of birth (equivalent to the late pregnancy of human fetuses).

A survey of human epidemiological diseases show that every 1,000 born babies in the United States have different degrees of fetal alcoholic spectrum, which is the most common disability in the world.

Drinking before pregnancy can also cause fetal alcohol syndrome?

Studies at the University of Texas A & M now show that drinking alcohol before conception may also affect the development of their descendants’ brains and skull facial bones, causing growth defects of fetal wine essence.

The study was also conducted in the mouse model.

The research results show that compared to women’s drinking disorders, which are mainly brain developmental disorders during pregnancy, men’s drinking dysfunction is more intensely driving some skull facial dysfunction before conception.

According to the National Institute of Health and CDC, fetal wine essence score is a birth defect caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

The new research breaks this inherent concept, indicating that drinking men before conception can also cause fetal wine essence.

The results of the research suggest that men may also contribute to the occurrence of fetal alcoholic spectral disorder before conception. In the past, they would completely blame for women during pregnancy. There may be misunderstandings.Big responsibility.

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