Dreaming about her mother, she said that she took care of her grandson and put a snake in, but she really gave birth to her son.

Netizen A: I dreamed of my mother for about a week, and I told my mother that I gave birth to a baby and called her to see. She said she knew it. She told me to take care of my baby. I told her to come in and see me to see me.Baby, she can’t say it, but in a blink of an eye she came in the bamboo pole again in the four corners of the room, and I asked her what she was doing. She said that she would help me get some things, so that I was optimistic about my son, and then about three or four.I couldn’t sleep around around. I saw a snake in the room and scared me to death, but the snake did not dare to approach me. I think my mother should bless me and my son

Netizen B: When I was three or four months pregnant, I dreamed of a lot of lions. I rode on the leading lion with both hands and grabbed the lion collar on both sides of the lion head.Dream talked to my family to listen to my sister and say that I must have a boy who really gave birth to a son in the end ~ When I first checked the fetal supervision for the first time, I also dreamed of a horse -haired red brown bright and strong. I dreamed of that horse.The sound of running towards me; I was shocked when I went to the hospital in the morning to hear the fetal heart. The frequency and rhythm were the same as I heard the sound of horseshoe in my dream ~

Netizen C: I dreamed several times in the early days of pregnancy digging peanuts in the ground. I dreamed that a snake was always stopped on the way I passed.Later, when I was about to give birth to my dad, my dad still didn’t remember. I hugged two boys into the room and gave me one for me.At that time, my sister -in -law and I were pregnant.

Netizen D: Dreaming of a big green snake climbing to my bed when I was pregnant with boss. I was not afraid at the time. It seemed to know that the snake would not scare me.A good baby is particularly good -minded, long skin is white, and the small mouth speaks sweet!When I was pregnant, I dreamed that I went to the orphanage to get a black and fat boy walking in the middle. I saw his clothes dirty and said to buy clothes for him. After a while, I felt that it was not appropriate to get back now.He fostered him in another house. When I left, I also said: I will put you this for the time being, not for you, I will pick you up after a while.Then the second child was born with a fat boy, and there is no boss Bai [cover your face]

Today’s topic: What dreams do you have when you are pregnant with your child?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to tell your story!

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